Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wednesday in Japan. . . Scotland and Tucson oh my !

Goodness what a day already filled with lots of news so lets woof it.
When your a fabulous granddaughter from Japan 
what else would you wear on your feet ?
Watermelons !
With the vote in Scotland happening The Two Square Dogs 
thought you might like to hear what they have to say.
Be sure to vote and vote as many times as you can for chkikin' strips !
And last but not lest it seems Tucson is in the path of the worst part of the 
Tropical Storm, Odeil.
It has been drizzling off and on since yesterday.
The eye of the storm will arrive in Tucson this afternoon.
 and here it comes....
 See the N in Tucson and the three little white dots ? the last one is me !
The red storm is heading my way.
 I live in the foothills up on a small hill. 
I have a small water way that drains the water away from my home.
 It drains down into a dry riverbed ( now has water flowing in it) that I have named the Javelina Wash. You can hear them walking up and down it like a tiny highway. 
This drains into the much bigger Pantano Wash, really a huge dry river, that flows into more washes and eventually meets the Santa Cruz River father south.
 My hill from the back yard, looking west
and looking north east.
So no flooding for me.
Here is your mid week pretty

Let the rains begin !
A massive storm that circled the city the first year I move back to Tucson.

raining. . . parsnip
music. . . Heavy Cloud No Rain,  Sting


  1. Thinking of you Parsnip - and the square ones - and hoping you are all alright.

    1. We are perfect !
      Right now it is drizzling outside and I was just outside standing in it.
      Soft rain like this is much needed. The big storm not so much.

  2. Stay safe. Nice that you get to see your grandchild so often.

    1. We are safe.
      I use to visit my Japanese family and friends every year. Family comes here every summer. But now it is hard for me to travel.
      I would like to go back at lest one more time.

  3. I love knowing you're the third little white dot! But hopingvery much that all will be well and you'll all be safe. Just one word for the watermelon flippy floppies and thehamish X

    1. Yes !
      I am the third little white dot !
      I want those shoes.

  4. cutest shoes ever!! stay safe and dry honey. yert to the square boys!

    hugs, bee

  5. I need a pair of watermelon flip flops! I 'm voting with the square dogs for chicken

  6. Do they make those watermelon flip-flops in adult sizes?

    Hope the chicken strip vote goes in favor of the Square Ones!

  7. Great photos! Your terrain is so different for ours.

  8. Hurrah Scotland is still with us. Stay safe.xox