Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Wednesday in Japan. . . food !

Some more wonderful items from Japan with fabulous labels.
 Wasabi crackers from the wasabi growing area
Azumino city, Nagano prefecture.
 Wonderful Ponzu
 Beautiful label
 Dipping sauce for cold Soba noodles.
This can is small but designed so nicely.
Son also gave me some of the outstanding labels from some large 
liqueur bottles.
I sometimes frame them or put them on postcards.

A few weeks ago The Happy Wisk was talking about chocolate
and craving. 
I must admit that I am the only women in the USA who does not crave chocolate !
A piece of chocolate once in a while but it has to be filled with something.
So I was thinking what I crave and I couldn't think of anything.
I like lots of foods and I eat just about anything. 
But craving ?
Cupcakes with really good icing, yum.
Bacon Lettuce and Tomato sandwich my favorite or my Lemon Bar recipe.
So good.  I like all these but I don't have to have them every day.
But then a little light blub went off above my head.
I want sushi !
On summer days I really crave cold sushi. 
So refreshing on a hot very hot super hot summer days in Tucson.
Yesterday it was only 102 !
I love the cool glistening slices of Nigiri in beautiful colors
spread across a lovely white plate.

 Yuzu Miso Hamachi (yellowtail)
I could lick the plate.
 Sashimi, slices of raw fish served over shredded daikon radish

Also Nigiri, which I don't have a photo of because I ate it before I took a photo.
Nigiri  is a small molded rice with a dab of of wasabi and a slice of raw fish on top.
Oh My Goodness !
No overly fancy rolls or even vegetable tempura.
Just wonderful cold refreshing Sashimi and Nigiri. 
Plus the last two years the salmon has been so good that after you dip it in a 
dish of soy sauce it all but melts in you mouth.  So buttery and soft.
I am also liking the Aji (Mackeral) this summer. Dense, oily and tasting of the ocean. 

Yes, I think you could say I crave Sashimi and Nigiri especially in the summer.
But no chocolate.

And of course here is your pretty for mid-week
A blossom from one of my Prickly Pear Cactus.

hungry. . . parsnip
music. . . Enchantment,  Corinne Bailey Rae


  1. Vibrant food, vibrant flowers - exquisite. I tried hard to think of a food I crave - at present it is ripe Victoria plums picked and eaten straight from the tree. I also love grilled dry-cure bacon in a sandwich.

  2. Well, we are sisters because I would love to have a Bacon sandwich also.
    I remember you talking about the plums on your blog and I know I would adore them too. I have been eating lots of watermelon and honeydew melon this summer !

  3. Hey Parsnip - thanks for the mention.

    That was a joke comic about PMS and M&M soup. Though the comic must have
    really hit a nerve with you and in a good way. Fun post. Thanks for sharing.

    Cheers and boogie boogie.

    1. OH I know it was a joke but so funny. Sometimes I answer others blogs in my blog.

    2. I'm glad you did, it's good to see the foods that excite you.

  4. Alas; I am one of those women who craves a wee bite of chocolate *Sigh* It must be dark, it must be of very good quality, it must be at room temp. However, now that I've seen your wonderful photos of the Sashimi and Nigari, I'm having a wicked craving for those two dishes! What a greedy girl I am.

    1. Lots of people love and adore chocolate.
      But I am also amazed by the amount of people who don't like (hate) fish which I love.
      And I don't even mean sushi I mean even fried fish ?
      So I guess that makes me really weird on both counts. Maybe I am an alien ?

  5. I'm a chocophile, too--also for dark chocolate.

    My new neurologist is Chinese--on my last visit, she showed me how to write her name in Chinese.

    1. How cool is that. Have her write your name.
      My name in Japanese looks really neat and the way it is pronounced is even better.

  6. Wasabi crackers? Where can I get those? Sushi! Yum. Pass me a plate please.

    1. I love wasabi, but I must say I was a bit disappointed in them.
      They were sprinkled in a sugar, so they were not as spicy as I wanted them to be.

  7. You can have the sushi! I'll take the chocolate!

  8. Pink and green are such a delicious-looking combination. So pleasing to the eye!

  9. Oh, I cannot get to like sushi no matter how hard I try. But I love your beautiful cactus flower! And what lovely labels on those products.

  10. Parsnip you have my permission to lick the plate. I won't tell a soul.