Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Wednesday in Japan... Gorogaro and Nikoniko

The blogs I follow are ones that mean something to me.
Places I have been or want to visit. Blogs filled with daily life by talented writers.
Or blogs filled with all sorts of wonderful animals from dogs, chickens, sheep, turkeys, ducks and cats !
Which leads me to a fun blog.
They are two kitties that have the best names.
If Watson and thehamish were kitties they would be this pair.
Their  Mum nice person who cooks for them, must be an artist
her blog is so wonderful.
The above link is to the post about the shelves that were installed in 
the kitties room for their jumping, running and napping pleasure.
They also have a fabulous screened in porch for when they wish to go outside.
opps, just saw that it linked to another post but you will get the idea !
hahahahahahaha and you though The Square Ones were spoiled.
She cooks for her kitties and builds them fun spaces.
The blog is on vacation ? but check it out if you have a second.
 This is a Kumamon ramen cup.
I have written before of how Kumamon is one of my favorite Japanese mascots.

 Here it is ready for the hot water.
This made the best miso soup ramen and was super fun to eat all the Kumamon faces.
This is not just for children because he is popular all over Japan.
And it was so good !
Here is your midweek pretty.
Driving home from yet another eye doctor visit for thehamish,
this is what I saw.

Wonderful flat bottom thunderhead clouds forming all over Tucson.
 I just want to reach up and touch one.
They are hanging so low over the foothills, that I could almost could pull one down.
Just beautiful.
The monsoons have been very good to us desert dwellers this summer,
after several years of awful.
We have gotten rain, wonderful rain.
Unlike were I use to live in California.
The whole state is on fire with no relief in site.
My home was burned down in 1993. That was the year most of Southern California
was on fire with an earthquake tossed in.
I know what lies ahead for all the families.
While you are relived you got your family out,
what comes next will be a long, hard and tiring road ahead.
That never has an end.

When I watch all the places I have lived and visited up in flames
there is nothing but heartbreak.
I am very happy I am away from all of this.  Once was enough.

lucky. . . parsnip
music. . . Breathe,  Alexi Murdoch


  1. Collin would love those Ramen cups!

    Your cloud photos are beautiful!

    1. I will see what Japanese son can do about that !
      Summer is HOT bit with that comes the beautiful clouds.

  2. I too experienced a house fire eight years ago. You are so correct - one never fully gets over it. The experience always lurks somewhat in the background of your mind and then jumps to the forefront when a news story or...whatever....triggers the memory. Gah. Horrible experience.

    On a brighter note...Lurve those clouds! So beautiful and they absolutely look like you could grab one and pull it cotton candy at the fair. Hugs to you and the square ones.

    1. I am so sorry to hear that you too had a home destroyed by fire.
      My heart breaks to read this. I hope your all better today.
      For a years after I would wake up not knowing where I was but it did get better. Even today some mornimgs it still happens. It is the strangest feeling.
      There were fires all over Southern California that year, The first "Big" fire season. and some crazy person decided he needed to set a fire.
      Some bad thing happened to my children because of their father that I still can see and hear to this day. Some hurt never really goes away.
      Even after all these years I still look for items that were burned.

      But I live in a good place now and have Two Square Dogs to make us all happy.

  3. Once is surely enough and I'm sorry you had to go through it.

    1. You said it once is enough.
      I know what all these families are going through right now.

  4. The clouds look so light and fluffy.

  5. Gorgeous skies, Parsnip! The kitties in that other blog are just too cute.

    1. In fact I posted this for you.
      These kitties are just perfect for you.
      And her posts are filled with hysterical stories.
      I love the time she found a growth on kitty and the embarrassing trip to the vet.
      Something you would have written.

  6. You will be able to touch the clouds, when it turns into rain! And you'll avoid California's problem.

  7. i'm looking out the breakfast room window now and it's grey! we'll probably get more rain, but right now, i'm happy i am where i am! xoxoxox (loved the photos!)

  8. Those cloud pics are amazing! And my daughter would freak with happiness at ramen so kawaii. ;)

  9. That face ridden soup made me laugh a lot - would like to taste it too!

  10. Wow! Thank you so much for mentioning us and your nice words! I'm sorry I've missed your posts. I had a surgery and am recovering nicely. Trying to come back to blogging now :-)
    That kumamon ramen is just too cute! Love the faces in ramen, what a fun!
    Those clouds are beautiful in blue sky and it feels like we can really reach them. It's beyond my imagination to lose home in fire. Such an awful thing happened to you.. You deserve lot of wonderful rain and peace of mind xoxo