Friday, September 12, 2014

Square Dog Friday. . . Herbal Body Wraps

Yes, I am late posting but Friday is Friday all day and night !
So I am just sliding in under the finish line.

The contract is safe and no need for the arbitrator.
YeeHaa !
We got through the week and minus any hiccups 
no more doctors  appointments for two weeks.
New meds and eye drops and keep a watching for side effects

 i thehamish gots bath and hair cut igots fluffy
thehamish is smelling gud and lookin' gud

 and Watson is looking gud
 I have talked about Watson deafness before and his dementia. 
Most morning he does want to eat even his favorite of chicken.
I think he just forgets.
Sometimes by noon I can tease him into a snack. 
But the deafness is also sad for me.
Because I wonder if he misses hearing the world around him. 
He lost his hearing over a few years so I hope that helps.
He has always loved just sitting in the yard and enjoying everything around him.
He still likes sitting in the yard and enjoying the day.

 I have always love talking to The Square Ones. 
Comforting words, happy sounds or calling their names. 
I know it is selfish of me  but to call his name and see the ears perk up
and the happiness of his smile. Scotties smile big time.
Does he miss hearing our voices ?
So what I do several times a day besides kissing the top of his silky head, 
I call his name and talk into the top of his head. With the hope that he can "hear" me.

Here is your pretty for the start of the weekend.

I have entered my sunset photo of "Dragons In The Sky" in a local contest.
If I have time I might enter another one.

kissing. . . parsnip
music. . . Until You Come Back To Me,  Aretha Franklin


  1. Sorry he's had such troubles. Glad he is loved by you. They are sweeties.

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  3. Your square ones are looking gud! thehamish and Watson both have such lovely eyes :-)
    Even though Watson can't hear, I'm sure he can feel your voice. And your touch, love, all make him happy :-).

  4. Watson can still hear you...his heart hears your love.

  5. awww, they look adorable for sure and i am so sorry there are some problems. they are so lucky to have you honey.

    bug hugs and a bug yert!, bee

  6. Hamish and Watson are looking handsome and I love your sky dragons! Have a lovely weekend. :)

  7. I am severely deaf myself Parsnip and if he has lost his hearing gradually over a few years I just wonder if you look directly at him and make sure he is looking directly at you, he might be able to lip read at least his name, and even maybe one or two other words (chicken strips?)

  8. Very dramatic skies!

    The boys are looking as distinguished as ever.

  9. The Square Ones always look great!

    I see you have a spammer here, Gayle!

  10. Sorry I haven't been leaving any comments here lately. My time's just been cramped. Sorry about Watson's troubles. It's truly odd when animals age, because, of course, they still look mostly like they did when they were young. And sometimes act it, too. My Newfoundland/Golden Retriever mix lost his hearing and slept all the time, and yet still acted puppy-like when I had a snack. I don't believe dogs know they've aged or there is even such a thing as aging. Only we humans are cursed with that knowledge.

  11. Pinky and Fiona send kisses. Wow, that dragon photo. Woah!