Monday, November 25, 2013

parley view parsnip... Thanksgiving, the good the bad and the good...

Sunday morning at my home.

A very cold storm blew in starting at the west coast heading to the east coast.
Dropping huge amounts of rain and snow and causing havoc.
For us desert dwellers in Tucson this storm came very early, January early.
November is usually filled with  nice days in the 75's  not 65 as it was today.

Thanksgiving is a lovely holiday in America,
Family and friend get together to enjoy the day and  have a lovely meal..
 Food is cook all day, the home is enveloped in the aromas of cooking turkey,
dressing, veggies, pies and cookies.
While games are played outside or everyone watching a football game on the TV.
After the meal, naps are taken then more nibbling begins with extra pies to be eaten.


When my Mum was alive she cooked our family's Thanksgiving dinner.
Fabulous meals filled with love and fun.
No matter if we were struggling that year,
there was always a wonderful meal on the table.
I don't know how she did it looking back now.
She could cook a meal from almost nothing.
I do hope I told her how much I loved her cooking, I am pretty sure I did
but what do little children know ? Excepted Mum and Dad will take care of them.
Lovely memories wrap around me just thinking of my childhood holidays.

And then I got married and lived far away
and I ended up at my MIL home for Thanksgiving.
The complaints would start the week before.
Then the horror stories would begin of all the hard work she put in to make this meal.
No one was ever allowed to cook Thanksgiving dinner but her.
I learned to just get through the day.
I learned to despise Thanksgiving.  Or maybe apathetic is a better word ?

But my story of woe has a happy ending.
My husband became my x
and I no longer had to go over to his families for the Holidays.
My children grew up and became wonderful cooks.
Daughter and her partner are vegetarians and daughter is wizard with veggies.
They both love to find new dishes to bring to the table.
This year is no exception.
They love this holiday as much as I learned to be apathetic about it and
have renewed my enjoyment of the day.
Son is also a wonderful cook and will make his special turkey dish.
Several years ago he was looking through one of my Ina Garten's cookbooks
and found one recipe that he like and just made it.
He now makes it every year if he is home.
Thank You, Ina !
Just enough for two of us with some left overs.
Daughter and partner will be bring several new dishes to the table this year
and I am so looking forward them.
So once again the joy and fun of Thanksgiving is in my heart and home.
Even though there are only four of us plus four furry friends (who love turkey) our
Thanksgiving will be  lovely.

And just because I can here is your pretty to start the week.

thehamish and Watson are (were) napping together.

thankful. . . parsnip
music. .  . Back In The High life Again,  Steve Winwood
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  1. It sounds like ti will be a nice feast.

    I am making some kind of hot pot I think.

  2. Sounds delicious. Have a great holiday Parsnip

    1. awwwww you too
      I see lots of news about the Thanksgivukkah
      I hope you post some photos

  3. Was there ever a furry friend who didn't love turkey??

    1. I try not to say the word chicken or turkey around them unless they are getting some in their dinner or a treat.
      It is a magic word.

  4. Looks like your boys are waiting for their turkey dinner.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Hugs and chocolate to you, too.

  5. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

    Woof to the boys!

    1. and I hope you have a nice Thursday that is not your Thanksgiving Day.

  6. it sounds lovely to me! i'll eat with the duck. d#1 always has a house full and cooks a lovely huge meal for everyone but i don't want to go in the cold. just can't stand it cold.

    hugs, bee


    1. and that is why you now live in Florida ! warm and sunny most days.

  7. Your story of your MIL reminds «Louis» of when he ran the night crew in a 24 hour Safeway. One Thanksgiving eve, a woman came in just before midnight and bought 12 - count them - 12 Swanson Turkey TV Dinners. I was in the check stand and gave he a quizzical look. She said, "Uh huh. Thanksgiving dinner. My d@mn∑d husband invited a bunch of people over without speaking to me about it first so I could plan for it, so I'm giving them a Thanksgiving dinner they'll NEVER forget!"

    That said, «Louis» hopes you and The Square Ones ® have a splendid holiday!

  8. Thanks for the nice story of Thanksgiving. It seems the holiday tension starts around the week before Thanksgiving and ends on the 2nd or 3rd day of the new year. :) Ever since we moved to the desert, nothing has been normal or traditional.This year will be tough for us but I have my happy memories.

    1. I did not grow up around that kind of passive aggressive and she was a mess. She hated me till the day she die.

  9. Happy Thanksgiving, parsnip.

    I'm having Thanksgiving at my sister's. No idea what she's making, but she's a good cook.

    1. awwwwwwwww, you have a Gud Day as The Boys would say.

  10. My mom used to make huge meals for Thanksgiving and Christmas. With her and Dad gone, and Collin and I having no other family, we have either eaten out or ordered prepared meals from our local grocery store. I miss the way things used to be.

    1. Many years we would have huge dinner but I must tell you I like the small dinner better.

  11. So delightful reading your post. Now that I don't blog I forget about the wonderful pictures and feelings you stir up. That you so.

    1. I think of you often and always hope you are well
      Good to hear from you.

  12. I love Thanksgiving, though I, too, have not always enjoyed it. This year should be very quiet - just the three of us. I'm looking forward to that.

    Happy Thanksgiving, parsnip!

  13. It's sounds like you're going to have a lovely Thanksgiving. I used to cook a humongous meal for a houseful of family and friends. It was always fun, but I can't say that I miss those days. It felt strange the first time one of our kids hosted the dinner, but now I'm more than happy the next generation has taken the baton.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  14. Families are the most important ingredient for Christmas - the nearest celebration we have to Thanksgiving.