Friday, May 24, 2013

Square Dog Friday... Japan

I can't believe it is Friday !
The older I get the faster the days go by.
But for some Square Dogs,  Friday can not come fast enough.
Although for Watson and thehamish everyday is Square Dog Friday.
So lets Woof it !

 The Square Ones help pack.
Or not.

not gud not gud not likin' suitcases

nononono no you stay out only me going now

My last post was about the suitcase filled with Omiyage
Suitcases stuffed full of gifts for family and friends and items that they have asked for.

ummmm we are waiting !
I can see there is no room for Watson and thehamish.

We had to repack the bag several times. Why you ask ? it looks like there is lots of room.
It was because son was taking several micro brew six packs of Flagstaff beer to Japanese son and they weight a lot.  You are only allowed 50 pounds per bag.
Even with all the repacking there was no room for
Two Little Black Square Dogs.
Nice tall person who walks us is leaving again. We the Square Ones are not happy.
He did bring a toy for us to play with.
Small comfort.

hahahahahahahah Mum nice tall person who feeds us laughed
and said it looks just like me,  Watson.

well.....  I guess it does.

As you can see thehamish has the toy now.
As usual.

yesh i thehanish has new toy but not really likin' it that much
because i is very sadsadsad sad sadest gud dug ever
i am sad gud dug
oh woe is me
woewoe woe is me

gud old dug Watson has nother gud dug toy
he is playin' with it
buts im' thinkin' he is sad gud dug too

nice tall person who walks us gave us some cookies from Flagstaff
not knowin' what that means cookies is cookies
they are coming from a place that makes beer
they have the leftover stuff from the beer and make cookies from it
not understandin' what that means
we are likein' them but not makin' up for nice tall person who walks us being gone again
he keeps comin' and goin'
not gud not gud at all
oh woe is me
they havein' funny name
yert !

And just because I can here is your pretty to start the weekend.

Clouds over the Catalina mountains.

Temperatures are getting getting hot we are kind of stuck on 99 degrees so far.
We are all betting on when we officially hit 100.
We have to have some fun with all the coming summer heat.
The clouds in Arizona are wonderful and this month we have been getting some beautiful
pre-monsoon clouds.
Once we start hitting triple digets for three consective days with the correct dew-point
the monsoon will start.

So very lovely our castles in the sky.

suitcase. . . parsnip
music. . . Tenku no Shiro  (Laputa, Castle in The Sky) Joe Hisaishi

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  1. Looks like your dogs are ready to party.

  2. So how many suitcases ended up going? We had the same problem on a trip to Sweden a few years ago, what to take and what to leave.

    1. We travel so much to Japan we konw what to pack. Even with TSA.
      Two suitcases, one for clothes, shoes, and personal stuff.... the other filled with gifts.
      Plus I have a great carry on that computer, camera, book, sketch book, and small change of clothes goes in.
      The Omiyage suitcase comes back filled with gift I have been given plus what ever I buy. And it weighs 50 pounds !

  3. No dogs do not like suitcases one bit!
    I usually manage to cross the Atlantic with only a carry on.....
    so very few presents.

    Buster sends his love to the square ones!

  4. When I travel other places I pack light but in Japan the custom of giving a small gift is very socially important. So I always pack some extra small boxes of See's Candy or something from Arizona.

  5. It's all in the going away part that they don't approve of...

    I'll take the word of the doggies that the cookies are good. I don't think tall persons would like eating them.

    1. The cookies had peanut butter in them, they ate them but I think they really wanted chicken strips !

  6. I can't believe it's Friday either! Where does the time go? x

  7. 'As you can see thehamish has the toy now.
    As usual.'- that is one great photograph!

    And will they get drunk on the beer cookies?

    Oh wow to the clouds! Although, after 15 years now, I have come to the conclusion that Scotland actually has a 350-day monsoon each year. On the bright side, none of us can imagine life over 80 degrees. We don't actually like it over 70. How do you survive!?

    Good journeys to all.

    1. The cookies smelled of peanut butter but I was hoping for more beer smell.

      As you are use to damp cold weather (?) one gets use to hot weather. Although it is hotter now then when I was growing up here.
      I kind of like it, everything slows down all the tourist are gone and it is usually just us locals.
      All the shops and restaurants run specials so there is always lots to do.

      One gets up early runs errands and outdoor chores and then spends the hot afternoon in the house. Much like when you are snowed in I do stuff that I don't really want to do when the weather is nice. This will crack you up but I start working on my Christmas card and gifts.
      The other eight months are wonderful.
      But I must admit I really not all that crazy about the super hot afternoons.

      cheers, parsnip

  8. i remember the monsoons in south arizona, i had forgotten about that.

    yert to the square boys! nice new toy and treats!

    smiles, bee

    1. Monsoons will be here soon and storm photos to follow.

  9. They do look sad standing over the full suitcase.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  10. I love Square Dog Fridays! (Don't love seeing them look unhappy, though!)

  11. My cats love to help with the packing.

    1. hahahahahahaha... I am not so sure about that. Probably hacking up a hair ball in the socks.

  12. Gud dogs like cute toys. Adorable. Too bad they can't fit in luggage. Love the clouds--we've had a lot of wind lately.

  13. Ugh. Too soon to be thinking about triple digit temperatures.

    (How can you bear to leave those adorable dogs?) We were only away for a few days, and our cats weren't at all impressed.

    1. Just son is going now, he is visiting family, friends and some job contacts.
      I am going in November. I don't like summer in Japan, hot, humid and rain !
      As Watson gets older (15) with some major health problems and thehamish's diabetes it is better to have them at home so one of us tries to stay home to be at their beck and call.

  14. We go away on Friday - on the motorbike so believe me I know what it's like to pack wisely as we only take panniers! lol!