Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day, 27 May 2013

Today is the day we honor the ultimate sacrifice of men and women
for our country.
This is a day of Remembrance.
I have been to Arlington National Cemetery
and if that doesn't stop and take you breath away and make you think nothing will.
Or visit any cemetery near you. Tucson is having several ceremonies today with flyovers.

I stopped and thought today how lucky/blessed I am as I was able to walk outside
on a beautiful morning.

To my friend Bee who this Memorial Day is especially sad day without the Sarge.
To my Uncles who fought in WWII and were able to come back, and for all the soldiers who didn't come home, I remember you.

I don't understand why this is Happy Memorial Day ?
When did it become a day for sales, the selling of cars, carpet, shoes and furniture ?
Yes, by all means get together with family and friend and have a barbque, but also remember to give thanks to thoes who gave their life protecting our country so you could enjoy such a lovely day.

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  1. It's odd to hear that term, Happy Memorial... when that's not what it's about.

    Excellent pics!

  2. I agree with William - very odd. Lovely sky pictures. We don't really see cloud formations like that here very often.

  3. That is strange parsnip. Obviously, for the UK, we have Remembrance Sunday, and the word happy could never be inserted before it.

    Thank you for making me think of your Memorial Day.

    And the skies are astonishing.

  4. Happy Memorial Day? Humm
    Better Thoughtful Memorial Day eh?

  5. Corporate America uses anything and everything to make a dollar. Its pretty sick. And I was thinking the other day why, too, is it supposed to be Happy.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  6. lovely post honey, and thank you for it!


    hugs, bee

  7. Those images are extraordinary, p.

    My sympathies are with Bee.

  8. I spent some time in Arlington three years ago Parsnip.
    I watched the changing of the guard and I walked round the
    beautifully serene yards. It is a sobering and yet uplifting

  9. Ours is in November but the ghastly event in London recently keeps it ever in mind.
    Wonderful swirly skies.

  10. A fine Memorial Day, post!
    «Louis» likes to visit the military cemetery in San Bruno where Admirals Nimitz, Lockwood (Submarines; Pacific), Spruance (Midway) and Turner (Guadalcanal; Iwo Jima) and their wives are buried.
    Or he likes to visit the aircraft carrier Hornet in Alameda or attend the "Tolling of the Boats" ceremony (honoring the 52 U.S. subs and their crews lost in WWII) aboard the Pampanito at Pier 45, San Francisco on Memorial Day.