Friday, October 19, 2012

Square Dog Friday... toy review #5

It is the best day of the week
you know the drill
so lets woof it !

Halloween pumpkin toy from "La Tarjey"

I, Watson see something in your hand...

yes, I do ! I see something wonderful

yes, please

can I play now ?

this is so good

memememem thehamish is wantin' it
Land Shark !

mememememeemem toy toytoy  now nownownow now

But I have it, Hamish

nononono nots for long toy toy toytoytoytoy me memememem !

nice tall person knows how much I love playing tug
this is very delightful...

meememe me wants it now gots it now ... yert !

Wonderful toy, very exciting squeaky toy
thank you nice tall person for getting this toy for us.
me thehamish will gets it and attackin' thesqueak me will destroy it ack!
orange oeangeorange thingie will not escape !
iwill be victorious and surivein'
iam thehamish!
yert !
Watson's Review
Over all this was a nice duel choice. Soft and squeaky chew
and a good tug toy for two.

chew... good chew factor and nice mouth feel.
material. . . the soft feel was good and the stiching lasted more than 2 nano seconds
but we destroy it.
Squeak. . . ok squeak but not long lasting, it was gone in 3 minutes.
design. . . aimed at nice tall person it was a fun Halloween toy
I give this toy a 5 out of 10

Hamish's review

yert !

This toy was found at Target. 
No chkikin' strips were given as payment for this review.

Last years Halloween toy review

squeaky. . . parsnip
music. . .  Monster Mash, Bobby Pickett/Stuart Hersh

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  1. oboy it's friiiiddddaaaayyyy! yert! guddogsgetfuntoyoboyoboyoboyyert!

    smiles, bee

  2. Pumpkin toy! One of my cats really likes pumpkin soup strangely.

  3. I love these guys. Square Dog Fridays really are the best days of the week!

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  5. So it lasted five minutes? Do they eat the squeeky pieces (hope not)? Only one of our dogs liked the tug of war thing, so he always won when the other got something. Buster is the only one left, and he just sleeps most of the time.

  6. @Parsnip: that's the oddest form of spam I've seen in awhile....


  7. My Mummsy brought me a plastic pumpkin that squeaks but I can't get the squeak out. All I could do was chew off the plastic stem. It is now my hostage until I can figure out what to do with it.

    Hair Ball