Friday, October 12, 2012

Square Dog Friday... cousins

Here it is
the best day of the week
Square Dog Friday
so lets woof it !

 Watson's new window is finished.
If you remember this is under one of my work tables that looks out on the citrus trees.
I decided to add a window at Watson level because he loves to look at all the critters
who mosey by.
The crate was on the right but the window seemed to work better there so we switched.
I can see it better from my computer desk.
Watson is napping in front of his window.
Hamish is in the crate, for now.

This was taken at night so we have some shadows and reflections.

sweet baboo Watson is sleeping.

Now here is another sweet baboo.
Her name is Jade (her doctor named her) and daughter is fostering her during recovery.
Daughter is a foster mum !
This is what happens when you work for the Humane Society,
you always find room for any animal in need.
She was found on the street (I think) and in need of a ear operation
to remove a massive blood clot .
She is recovering at daughters home, on lots of meds and loving being in a home with lots of attention and not a kennel.
I think her name should be Petunia or Daisy because she is the sweetest doggie ever.
Or maybe Martha, such a sweet old fashion name for a lovely dog.

Here is daughters cat Bowie who is a clone of "thehamish".
"Hey wait ! why are you taking a picture of the dog and not me !"
memememememememe me !
Oh yeah, thehamish all the way.
Bowie is a rescue kitty. Beside the eye problem, he was brought into the vets with all the skin ripped off the top of his head down his neck to the shoulders.
After several operations he is doing much better and his hair is now growing back.
I never though it would, who knew ?

Here is Petunia err Jade trying to ignore the cat.
The cat being a cat will not be ignored and has to nap on Petunia err Jades leg.
What a GUD DUG she is.
All she wants is to lay her head on you lap to be petted.
Or sit next to you.
Even if a cat is there !

Waldie (a rescued dog) is staying out of it.

Here is you pretty for the weekend.
Gud dug Watson laying in the sun.

pickmememe. . . parsnip
music. . . You Make It Easy,  Air

Information on Jade
As soon as Jade's ear is healed and she is off all her meds she will be up for adoption.
She is one of the sweetest gud dug ever.
Medium size, doesn't bark, house broken, crate trained, walks on a lead and a big old softy.
All she wants is someone to love and love her back.
If you live near the Tucson area and are interested in adopting a sweet baboo
 here she is.

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  1. I'm surprised Hamish hasn't created because HE hasn't got a window.
    Lovely to see such happy well loved animals.

    1. He looks out the window but not like Watson would will sit for a long time and just enjoy the view.

  2. What a lovely dog Jade is (but no better than your two sweeties of course)
    and how sad that she has been unwanted. I wish I lived near enough - it is
    so sad to look into her eyes.

    1. awwwwwwww, if I lived on some land I am afraid I would be taking in any stray.
      She does have sad eyes but when I visited, she came right up and as soon as I said "oh sweetie" her tail started to thump. I had a cookie for her and she finally ate it but even though she was found on the street, she is not food motivated. All she wants is to be petted.
      I forgot to list she has the best tail ever... thump thump !

  3. i love watson's window! such a gud friday post to brighton my day! thank you thank you thank you!

    smiles, bee


    1. Gud dugs love when their Auntie Empress Bee visits !

      cheers, parsnip

  4. I love the window! I don't like sharing the one by my desk with my cat.

    1. You know if you put in a special window for the cat... she would ignore it and still look out the window just to annoy you !
      Unless it was one of the windows that is like a screened in porch cat size.

  5. Nice! I love your daughter's menagerie of animals!

  6. Lots of awe...poor Jade....I feel bad now especially since I need to clip Sir Poops and Hair Balls nails.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  7. They're all adorable!

    Poor kitties...looks like they're outnumbered!

  8. I commend your daughter for taking in homeless animals.

  9. I saw your comment on Shelley's blog, and anyone who hates Twilight is a friend of mine! It IS a dreadful example for teen girls, isn't it? And what about the new 50 Shades thing? Who is buying this clap-trap and making it into bestsellers?!

  10. I love Jade too! What a sweetie.

    We have a very low level window in our bedroom; about a foot off the ground, and Snippet likes nothing better than sitting on the sill staring out at the world for hours on end. Dog windows - a very good idea.

  11. The boys look grand, as usual.

    I have no idea why anyone can mistreat an animal like that. It's really good of your daughter.