Monday, October 15, 2012

parley view parsnip... hey ! thats my handicapped parking spot !

Monday around my home...
I use  handicapped parking !
I wish I didn't have to use  it.  I wish my nerves, bones and muscles worked like they should.
I use it because the other parking spaces are usually so tight that getting my door open and trying to get out of the car in under 10 minutes is tough.
I kind of look like 20 circus clowns trying to get out of one very small car.
It is a hoot !
Now I really need it because this year I have taken the "two steps back" and it is easier for me to run my errands if I can park closer. I refuse to be completely house bound.

For some reason people don't understand what that striped lane means.
It doesn't mean woohoo ! more space for me ! So my pretty car doors will not get dinged !
I might give this Canadian a pass.
This was taken last winter and it rained in the valley but snowed in  the mountains, I assume they thought, because of Canadian winters, they would be snowed in and ran to the market to stock up on batteries, water and bread ?
Snow Birds got to love them !

This Arizona car is way over the line.
Had I not parked way over to the right by the curb I would not have gotten my door open.
What made me laugh or cry (?) the sticker on this car show how they "talk" a good story but do not practice what they preach.
The mother earth symbol, the "Gabrielle Giffords Continues To Inspire" sticker and a quote from the Dalai Lama about understanding.
But she/he couldn't take the extra second to park the car straight and not encroach into a handicapped spot.

I have lots more photos, I especially like the one who left their shopping cart right up on my drivers side door because they couldn't walk the 9 steps (I counted) to put the cart away.
On the remodel homefront.
This is my pantry. It was a dark hole with a terrible light and a vent open to the heat of summer.
I finely had the vent ripped out and had a solor tube skylight put in.
Oh My Goodness what a change.
I don't have to turn on the light during the day  or fumble in the dark anymore.

This solor tube has a light installed in it
so you don't have to have a separate light for evening.

This photo is for Norma who wrote about her stuffed animal collection.
Can you see what is on the top shelve ? a small Star Wars Jawa.

and is that a ferret peeking out from a bottom shelve ?
Yes, I do put them out and about.
I am crazy !

In the small very dark half bath by my studio I put another tube solar skylight in.
There was no place to put a window, so this lightens up the room nicely.
This solar tube doesn't have a light, I like the light that I installed, but as you can see, the room now gets a lot of daylight.
How much fun !

crazy. . . parsnip
music. . . The Love Parade,  The Dream Academy
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  1. Your pantry is so cute! Sorry about the bad parkers. There are a million here in South Florida. Their parking is bad but driving is worse!

    1. One day I will post some of the funny Snowbirds stories. It's like after all the bad weather they live in they see a little rain and it Keystone Cops time.
      We love all visitors but driving skills are somewhat lacking.
      But you haven't seen anything till you drive the LA freeways !

  2. Love the pantry and the ferret. Keep wanting those solar tubes for lighting but hubs says it might let in heat. I don't believe that they do--but it's not worth getting him upset.:)

    1. I love my pantry. Every home should have one even if it is a closet. Perfect !
      I have had solar tubs on my closet and son shower and closet and we never feel any heat. In fact the pantry is so much cooler now that the vent is gone and the solar tube is in place. I have the small ones and they let in so much light and because they are so small I don't think heat is a factor.
      I Have a huge round skylight in my entry and I thought for sure it would be stifling but surprise it is not. The architect who designed alined my home east to west so direct sunlight is not a problem.
      The Jawa is my favorite. A very old Happy meal when the toys where good and it still works ! It has to be about 20+ years old ?

  3. Parking is exactly the same here. My daughter in law has a disabled parking sticker on her car but she can rarely get into the special bays, someone has usually got there first and they are rarely disabled. It seems it is the same the world over Parsnip.

    1. Oh I understand bad, rude, awful, inconsiderate drivers are everywhere but when the SnowBirds hit town they are so noticeable. But I really love having them here I love sharing beautiful Arizona with them. The Canadian visitors always seem so happy ! Love them ! Every time I have been to Canada the people are so nice.

  4. You can never trust a jawa around a droid. Turn your back for five seconds, and they're fitting a restraining bolt on it and hauling it away to their desert rovers....

    1. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, restraints and desert rovers.......

  5. My mother now has a parking permit; the arthritis in her legs pretty much required it. For years her previous doctor kept denying her. Her new doctor? No problem at all getting it to her.

    1. That makes me angry.... sometime doctors are such jerks.
      I have had a parking permit for about 12 years now and it has helped. I started out with arthritis and it has progressed to the 20 clowns trying to get out of the car and walk !
      The one thing California does right is when I got my first permit I lived in California and I think till you die your in the system. They keep sending me a new permit every year even now that I live in Arizona.

  6. Replies
    1. Your so mean!
      Being gluten free is something I can deal with but giving up nightshade is really hard for me. but if I want to see if that helps my health problems so be it. I am only 3 weeks into this only 5 months to go, before we can see any results.
      That chili shrimp dish you posted a few days ago just about drove me crazy !
      I can eat sushi so when I do I bring my own gluten free soy sauce. I must be crazy !
      Now that I am nightshade free I gave daughter most of the opened chilli sauce and packed the unopened one away for now. But I still have the wasabi !

  7. i so know about this parking problem... as i am now walking much better i usually don't take one but i sure used to!

    and i LOVE your remodel!

    smiles, bee

  8. I love your pantry. I love your house.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  9. We have the same problem here in the UK. People just park where they like and no-one ever seems to get into trouble for doing it. Much worse in London than out here in the sticks though!

    I LOVE your pantry. It's so tidy and well organised. Those solar tubes are fabulous. Hope you're not in too much pain at the moment. x

  10. MTL should have a parking permit but he won't apply for one. Men are so stubborn.
    I love those solar skylights. Must google.

  11. What a well organised pantry! wish mine looked like that...

    I am always angry with people who are inconsiderate about disabled facilities, and here, where parking is often difficult, some people even use disabled passes because they can't be bothered to find a parking place.

  12. I love the new pantry and the light tube thingies... I wish we had more of them in Japan. Too much florescent light. Oh, I got some stuff for that pantry in the works to send to you.

    Gotta live up to your bumperstickers people. Jeez. At least this guy did: