Monday, October 1, 2012

parley view parsnip... sad news and Shakespeare

My Monday post about what is going on around my home this week.

This months cloud photos

This is my gud dug Watson, one of the very best Cabanna boys ever.
Last week I found he does have Cushing disease.
This has been something we have been keeping an eye on but the last test results came back positive.
I decided to not treat him for this, at his age the "cure" is worst than the disease.
Too many test, too many meds and it sometimes does not work.
 I will be treating his Kidney disease. Special diet with special food, some of what I will be making.
No protein, more carbs.

My sweet baboo !
 I love this dog.
The Cushing is not a surprise but the Kidney disease is .

First try at no protein food and treats.
Yam jerky.
He loves it ! no more chicken strips for him.

What is this I see....
Who is wearing an Olympic Hat from London !
and why ?

Surprise Olympic gifts from Titus !
Thank you so much, good friend.
So a very sad week ended on a much happier note.

A small preview of Square Dog Friday...
is this a water wot i see befour me...
yesh    i kno shakespeare....

sad. . . parsnip
music. . . Someone To Watch Over Me,  Ella Fitzgerald
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  1. Hello Gayle:
    Oh this is such sad news about Watson but we are sure that you will give him the best care and attention that any dog can wish for. It is such a responsibility when pets become ill and one has to make important decisions for them. Again we are confident that you will have his very best interests at heart. He is adorable....

  2. very sad news indeed honey. i don't know what it is but will google it and find out. just enjoy that sweet boy, i know you will.


    huts, bee

  3. I'm so sorry - poor Watson. But you're right about withholding treatment. I have been in a similar situation and, had the animal in question been able to understand, I'm sure he would have thanked me. As for the kidneys, I had a cat who was given a few months to live who I managed to keep alive for three years just be removing salt from his diet. I realised ALL commercial food is full of it. WHY???? I cooked him offal and brown rice in a slow cooker for 12 hours (out in the shed as it smelt DISGUSTING) and it really did the trick. He improved visibly in a few days and never had another non-home cooked meal again. Hard work and not nice in the fridge though!

  4. Watson is in a happy home full of love and care for him. You and Hamish have to be strong. Love to you all.

  5. I didn;t know that dogs could have Cushing Parsnip. My daughter in law suffers from this nasty illness but bears it all with dignity. Hugs for those two dogs.

  6. He certainly is adorable, and he's in a good home where he's loved. It's better to treat the symptoms in this case, than try to cure the disease.

  7. So sorry to hear about Watson, but he is fortunate to have you to take care of him. The yam jerky is a great idea, maybe someday Hamish will prefer them to chicken strips too.

  8. So sorry about Watson. I know how much those dogs mean to you.

  9. Good wishes to the nice canine. I fear there will be some grumbling about the new diet, but stand firm.

  10. Sorry to hear about Watson. I'm pleased that you've got an alternative that he really enjoys in the absence of his usual chicken strips so that he won't miss them too badly.
    Big hugs

  11. Gayle, I don't know if this is of any interest or use, but it's a study I found by UK vets in the treatment of Cushings which seems to have been quite successful and also inexpensive. The findings were based on animals attending the vets for treatment, so it's based on actual cases.

  12. Poor, poor Watson. Sir Poops here. It really sucks getting old. I limp when I walk and I have a heart mur-mur so I sleep a lot.