Monday, November 14, 2011

parley view parsnip...

My Monday post about what is going on around my home...
January weather in November !
What a strange weather year it has been.
First the lack of our Winter rains that Arizona depends on, a hard freeze that destroyed so much vegetation, my small citrus grove included and now winter weather in November ?
No matter when it rains in Tucson we are happy. Plus the air feels so fresh and smells like sage.
Thank Goodness our nice Fall weather returns this week.
8 am Sunday morning.
I understand many people who live in the north and east would just grumble at this scene but not me. Rain falling on the Catalina Mountains.

9 am rain stops, clouds hugging the tops of the mountains.

9 am clouds so low I can't see the Rincon Mountains to the east.

10 am, clouds starting to lift from where the Rincon and Santa Ritas mountains meet southeast from me.

10 am, my favorite view from in front of the garage looking through the ramada on the east side of my home. It is raining again.
The Catalina Mountains look so close because you see no foreground. Even though they are so close to my home when I take a photo they look so far away.
This Grapefruit tree is one of the only trees that sort of survived the hard freeze. It has leaves but no fruit.

1 pm it rained again and then the clouds started to lift.

The breeze was very slowly pushing the clouds East.

Close up looking Northeast

3:30 pm
View from my studio window. Love the bright patch peaking through the dark rain clouds

Here is a close up. This cute little peak is called the Thimble and in in the Sabino Canyon Park. about 5 minutes from my home.
Photo taken through my window so is somewhat tinted gray.

wet. . . parsnip
music. . . Heavy Clods No Rain, Sting

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  1. lovely photos and sometimes rain is just so refreshing!

    smiles, bee

  2. A lovely glimse into your Monday xx

  3. It mmust be lovely to live so near to such high mountains. We live in hill country but nothing like that parsnip.

  4. Here in Ohio, we woke up to snow Saturday morning. Today it's a rainy 65. Weird weather everywhere.

  5. Hello Gayle:
    What fun it has been to look at your day through the photographs you have posted here. The sky and the landscape has so many different moods in the course of just one day. They are a source of endless fascination.

    What a wonderful mountain range to look out on to and so close to where you live. Shrouded in mist, the hills look particularly atmospheric.

  6. Beautiful photos, as always.

    I was just telling William the same thing. It seemed like I just got a taste of autumn and now winter is creeping up on us!

  7. What a feast of weather! And oh, to be grateful for rain! I have much the same reaction to one, just one, dry day... please.

  8. Beautiful. Of course I feel the same about the rain and the clouds. When my daughter moved to Seattle she thought she would love having so much of both, she is tired of it now and craves sunshine. I suppose too much of anything isn't good. Your views are so fabulous you could have a bed and breakfast, people would love to stay there!

  9. Ever changing - never boring.