Monday, November 28, 2011

parley view parsnip...

My Monday post about what is going on around my home...
8 a.m. Monday, the sky is so blue and clear not a cloud in sight.

Sprinklers come on at 8AM watering the new winter grass that was seeded right before Halloween. Looking very green and lush.

Sad view.
Last winters hard freeze that dipped down from Canada for two days and mostly wiped out my small citrus grove. My all time favorite, Tangelo tree is just hanging on. Right now it should be overloaded with leaves and fruit. So much fruit that the gardener prop up the over laded branches because there is always so much fruit.
No candied peel for Christmas gifts this year.

Because there are no clouds in the sky today....
Here is you moment of pretty...
When I look down from my Computer desk and chair this is what I see.
When Hamish, red necklace, came home from hospital, and had to stay very quiet and had meds six times a day. I put a blanket down next to my computer desk so I could watch him, while catching up on awful paper work.
Just found this wonderful new plaid blanket for him to curl up on. Now Watson likes the comfy blanket plus a pillow.
Nice !
sunny. . . parsnip
music. . . Back In The High Life Again, Steve Winwood
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  1. awww, that makes me want two little square doggies! so cute!

    smiles, bee

  2. Wonderful sky, so sorry for the grove and thank you for the Hamish-cloud. Fluffy-edged frill dog!

  3. Gorgeous pictures!

    Try not to hold the cold against us!

  4. Ah that beautiful blue sky lifts the spirit even though it's 6000 miles away!

  5. Gorgeous sky it is and so sad about the citrus, that freeze was a b*#ch last year. Your doggies are sweetness.
    xoxo Kim

  6. The scenery pictures are amazing. You have such a great eye for beautiful.

  7. Two happy boys!
    Looking st that marvellous view I wonder if you ever spot people climbing. Do you have binoculars? Or are the mountains too remote for that?
    I'm so behind these days but have had a day when I didn't even switch on the computer.

  8. Your world is so bright and sunny. Sorry about the grove.

    Sweet dog.

  9. You have a beautiful home, Parsnip!

  10. Great view you have from your house.

  11. Empress Bee...
    Square Doggies are very sweet to have around.

    When they come back from the groomers they are so fluffy but it doesn't last long !

    Thanks so much and I would never hold the cold weather against you but.... Can you keep as much of it as you can ?

    Jenny Woolf...
    The sky is so blue here that sometimes it doesn't look real.

    That was one weird and strange freeze. I have several of the bigger old fashion Christmas lights (clear) that I string in the trees for the few freezing nights we get, but that was bitterly cold. I only have 4 trees left hanging on but I

    I bought the home because of the view and the citrus trees.... oh well.

    Yes they are very happy boys !
    I am to far away to see climbers. There are various levels of trail that you can climb all over the mountains. The view you see is only able to get to on a private road.

    Hey good to see/hear your back !

    I like it. It is quiet and I like being quiet now.

    I bought the home because of the view.... the layout wasn't what I wanted. I really wanted a courtyard design.
    But when I saw this home/view I put an offer in and bought it the same day. I had already sold my home in Laguna Beach and only had two weeks to find a home and move.

  12. My goodness that scene looks so beautiful. I'd like to relax on your chaise under the blue, blue sky. Cold and grey here. Leaves in mushy piles on the driveway. Sad about your citrus trees. I guess they take a good long time to grow.