Friday, November 11, 2011

11 . 11 . 11

To start out my Friday catch up blog...
Thank You to all the Veterans the Men and Women serving in the Military today and their families who support them.
I can not go to any service today but in their honor I will make a donation to USO.

Another photo from Monday.

Mr. Darth Vader, Tonton, sweetie pie, haggis, kumquat, honey baby, cutie pie, sweetie darling, lemon, lucky, good boy, cuddles, oh no you didn't, Hamish !
Cone of shame is still needed for one more week, along with the mass quantities of meds for three more weeks. Goodness, his eyes look so much better and he is feeling way to spunky for a little guy who lens replacement surgery just one week ago.
I have to keep him quiet for two more weeks to protect the eyes.
Hahahahahhahahahah... yeah good luck wih that !
Thank You Dr. Betbeze and Dr. Maus.
Good job sweetie pie you look marvelous !

Moon rise Wednesday evening.
thankful. . . parsnip
music. . . Sailing, The Cafe Carlyle Sessions

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  1. hamish honey you look marvelous!!!

    hugs, auntie bee

  2. Sweetie pie does indeed look very perky.

    I echo your comments about all war veterans.

  3. Hamish looks so good. Glad he is doing so well.

  4. So very glad that sweet Hamish looks so much better! Also, I love the snow dusted mountain top peeking through the clouds.

  5. Ah yes, Hamish is definitely on the mend from the look of him!

  6. Those photos are SO PRETTY!!! ...well maybe not the middle one. You can tell he's trying to pull out all the stops on his "cute-factor" so you don't leave him out for the wolves after all the hell you've been though.

  7. Good to see Hamish is improving!

  8. Oh, he looks so much better! What a sweetie! Hope all continues to go well with Hamish.

  9. So glad he's perking up.
    Was amazed to learn that the selling of poppies has died out over there?

  10. Empress Bee...
    He does look quite Marvelous, he has to be one of the most photogenic dogs I have every seen. Plus he plays up the cute factor ! Watson in person is so very handsome but takes a terrible picture.

    He is way to perky ! he needs to be quiet for 2 more weeks.... so not happening.

    He is much better wish I could bounce back and heal that fast !

    Diane AZ...
    He is a cutie pie !
    I always love to see what you post as sometimes our post are similar but very different.

    Jenny Woolf...
    How can they mend that fast ? ? ? cheeky little devil.

    Thanks, but you know his, little old me, butter wouldn't melt in my mouth I am so puppy cute factor, he has going for him and he uses it big time.

    Yes, he is surprising much better and so fast.

    arf... right back at you !

    yes, he is better and can really see, no problems, so far. Keeping him quiet is the problem.

    I am not sure where poppies are being sold, our Veterans give them away and people make donations.
    The problem is I don't really get out alot and I live really far out in the foothills away from the city and malls, where I assume they are.
    I just read an article about how the old WFW Halls are getting smaller because all the Veterans are dieing. The Vietnam Veterans seem to like other people their age to hang out with, so have not joined the older VFW Halls.
    So I am thinking Poppies are around just not out where I live.
    I miss donating and get a Poppy every year. That is why I support USO. I can do it from home.

    cheers, parsnip

  11. Beautiful pics, and Hamish is impatient!