Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fabulous Friday...

This is possible the last storm of the monsoon.
Thursday afternoon the storm built up with clouds and the thunder was rumbling. When you looked up into the sky and clouds you could see Virga rain. This a type of rain that evaporated before it reaches the ground.

The watercolors were out for a project my son had just finished. I just sat down and did a few very fast cloud studies looking from my studio window. Watercolors are the hardest medium for me to work in, I have a tendency to over work them. I just sat down and forgetting what I was suppose to be working on, for 30 minutes or so just did some quick studies on some card stock that is really the wrong type of paper to use for watercolor. I just used what was out on the table. I find if I just paint or draw with what is at hand, it is more spontaneous and fun.

painting . . . parsnip
music. . . Heavy Cloud No Rain, Sting

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  1. Hello:
    Never, until now, had we heard of Virga rain. How absolutely intriguing and how wonderful to be able to capture it through both photography and painting.

  2. The clouds are fantastic! My husband mentioned this morning that he's going to do our windows this weekend, so expect more rain :)

    I love that you paint. I've always had a fantasy of standing at an easel painting the world but I can barely draw a stick figure. :)

  3. Ditto the desire to paint. And though I am artsy and crafty, I can neither draw nor paint. This troubles me, as I see things in a way I would like to adapt and express in my own way. The cloud/sky paintings are beautiful.

  4. I'd never heard of that type of rain before; fascinating!

    Beautiful pictures, Parsnip!

  5. I, also, had never heard of Virga rain, it sounds fascinating. Your cloud studies are amazing, to think you can do that in just 30 minutes!

  6. Yes, I'm a Virga virgin too. Who knew?
    And wow to the photographs and double wow to the watercolours. I particularly like the top one.

  7. Can you feel a moistness from the Virga - a little like a sea fret?
    That blue is the bluest blue I've ever seen.

  8. Count me among those who never heard of Virga rain.

    Rain that evaporates before it hits the ground. Fascinating.

    So, do only tall people get wet?

  9. Jane and Lance...
    Virga is so very common here in Arizona. The land gets so hot as the heat rises the rain sometimes just isn't strong/wet ? enough to get to the ground.
    I think it is so very beautiful.

    I must admit I sit and really like to paint from my photos. I can usually remember the scene and feeling/mood in my mind and the photo helps. Sometimes I do quick sketches but clouds especially change so fast.

    Empresse Bee...
    Thank You so much. I have seen your clouds where you live they are very beautiful.

    I feel just as long as one does something, that you enjoy like writing , crafts, knitting anything that you can express yourself in, is a good idea.

    We all know "stuff" about where we live because we live there. I love all thinga weather related.
    My home page has several Doppler weather reports so I can track the storms. I am such a nerd !

    Don't look too close they are rough.
    I am always amazed by your writing and what you could do in 30 minutes.

    Your so funny.
    Thanks they were very fun for me to just st down and enjoy myself.

    The sky is that blue ! I really don't touch the color at all. The Arizona light is so clear and bright we get the bluest skies.
    There is humidity in the air because it is needed for the build up of clouds but there is no
    mist or fog to feel.

    we all miss you !

    Even if you don't know the name I bet you have seen it.
    and yes very tall people could get wet... super tall, in a plane tall people could get wet !
    your very funny !

    awwww Thank you. They were very lovely to do, just a quiet time. I love the feeling of brush on paint and paper. The best feeling in the world for me.