Friday, September 16, 2011

flying lizards, oh my.....

As I sit at my computer and look out my studio window I never know what I will see. From herds of javelinas, a bobcat or two or coyotes. Roadrunners, quail, birds or snakes they all seem to mosey through what is left of my citrus grove and pass my window. My very own National Geographic show.
Thursday, Mr. Flying Lizard appeared.

not as exciting when you really see what is going on.

A little know fact, it seems desert lizards love screens, or at lest the crazy ones around my home. Even though I know there is a possible of acrobat lizards impaling themselves on my screen, I still startle when I see one enjoying the view from my window screens or on my window ledge looking in my studio or kitchen.

And..... Just because it is my blog, I must have some clouds in my post somewhere.

The very crazy and not very typical summer monsoon season is coming to an end. We are now entering our fall season and the temperature are now back to where they should be, daytime 90 to high 80's evening 70 to high 60's. Perfect !
As I write this a Coopers Hawk just zoomed by holding a large snake. It was so fast that I couldn't get a good look, I so hope that wasn't Oswald the beautiful black Coral snake that I adore. He eat the packrats and rattlesnakes that really don't like. I understand about nature but if it is Oswald I will be so upset and sad.
cooler. . . parsnip
music. . . Good Life, OneRepublic
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  1. Love, love, love lizards (well, actually ALL desert wildlife, but I have a special spot in the heart for lizards.) My favorite animal on the planet, trumping even cats, is the horned toad and I've handled a share of them way up into my 50s, jumping to catch those rascals as they shoot out of the shrubbery. I swear this is true. I'm not delusional. They seem to like sitting in my hand as I stroke their little projectiles from the head which is where hair would be if they had any. This caused me once to be dubbed The Queen of the Lizards, and I wear that with pride. We're also unseasonably cool and have had a few days of pounding rain, messing with our city's miserable infrastructure. And so it goes . . .

  2. When I saw that first picture, I thought maybe the apocalypse had arrived. Then I saw the screen. I can bottled water away.

  3. Parsnip, I have just kept this back for the farmer to read - I was telling him about you and where you live earlier. Where you live sounds almost on a different planet to where we live here - it is all amazing. Fantastic photographs - thank you so much for giving me a taste of a completely different world.

  4. Hello:
    Oh, we do not care for Lizards. Indeed, we are not good with any creepy crawlies at all and, as for flying Lizards....!!!!

    Your blog really does read like a who's who [or what's what] of the Natural World with so many diverse animals in close quarters to your home. Well, that certainly means that your time looking out of the window must never be without incident. And, always, those wonderful skies!!!

  5. Gorgeous cloud pictures!

    And I suspect the lizards find that kind of surface (or lack thereof) fascinating to climb!

  6. I really believed in that first shot!

    And yes, ooh-ah to the cloud shots.

  7. I wish we had lizards here in Chicago. I know that my cats would love to chase them.

  8. That is a clever picture!

    I love your cloudscapes too.

  9. Empress Bee...
    Lovely but also such a hoot.

    I like lizards but not a top favorite. We are having an explosion of lizards this year, I am seeing so many small ones running around lately. An exceptional great looking lizard around here is the Zebra Tailed Lizard, love the banded tail.

    Your so funny must call you the Queen from now on or look up something better from "Flash Gordon" who always had lizard people running around in his comic.

    Never fear I would have sent out a better alarm...
    plague of locus anyone ?

    I have e-mail you and yes sometimes I feel like I live on the Star Wars planet of Tatooine only much greener.

    Jane and Lance...
    Lizards are not top on my list as cuddly but they are in their on way quite beautiful.
    I bought this home because of where (it needed a lot of work) it was located, I like living out in the wild.

    The screen must be a real treat for them to climb and get a whole new perspective in the world as they see it or they are just enjoying the sun ? who knows.

    I think the photo is a hoot.
    I love when I look up and see a little head, blinking eyes peeking up at me. I also get birds on the tiny ledge peeking in trying to see what is there. Maybe they are looking for a lizard lunch ?

    My dogs chase them.
    I have stucco with wrought iron inserts wall, because of the snakes I have a screen attached to the iron part. The Lizards climb over but forget how to climb back out, so some days when I go out in the yard there are mass body parts laying everywhere. Or I will look out and see Hamish bouncing around on all four paws with a lizard tail wriggling out on side of his mouth.

    Dartford Warbler...
    I thought so too but really just luck.
    The lizard was there for quite some time. I would think that was an invitation to be eaten but what do I know I am not a lizard.

  10. We have to make do with enormous spiders - very scary. Thank goodness there are three men here at present so I can be a 'little woman'!

  11. Flying lizards. I want one. I will put up a screen next summer in our August heat. Bobcats are fun to spot. Don't see any here in St. Louis.