Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Yorkshire 1998....

This is usually my Wednesday post about my life in Japan but today it is about Yorkshire, England 1998 by way of Osaka, Japan.
Oldest son was finishing up a semester at Cambridge and I flew over to see him and drive around England and Scotland for a few weeks. It was right before Christmas, what a fabulous time to be in the UK. We flew to Edinburgh and drove back to Cambridge sightseeing on the way, then on to London and our flights home to Laguna Beach, California. One place that stood out on that trip, for me was Yorkshire, England.
I imagine , you who live in England maybe tired of hearing James Herriot's name but not me. I wanted to drive around Yorkshire to look at the cities, towns, fields with stone fences, Sheep, Hedgehogs and Scotties. Plus being a Wallace and Gromit fan I had to see Wensleydale, and we did ! Never saw a Hedgehog or any Scotties.
I have been reading and commenting on Pat's Blog "The Weaver of Grass" which I started following because it is a fabulous blog based in Yorkshire. I mentioned one day about seeing a road sign on my trip through the Dales that I thought said Gayle but I had a hard time remembering it correctly, the trip was in 1998 and my photos were destroyed. What surprised me was the way the town spelled their name. No one ever spells Gayle the way I do, that is the way I spell my name.
Yes, angryparsnip is a Gayle.
Pat wrote back and said yes the road sign did say Gayle ! Since then I have looked up the town with my name and it is beautiful. I want to live there beautiful ! But I will have to settle for a visit instead. I don't think the Dales are ready for an angryparsnip.
Thank You Pat for making my day, my month and my year. I have been telling everyone and I mean everyone, whether they want to hear it or not, about my town !

I e-mail my Japanese son to asked if he had the photo of my road sign (click on photo to make bigger) and he said yes, he had downloaded it years ago. So from California to the UK down to Tucson over to Osaka and back to Tucson and my blog here is a wonderful photo of my sign and another fun photo of me. I look great in this photo, really I do, trust me. Really I do. Really ! My hair was quite fabulous that day.
gayle. . . parsnip
music. . . Dumb, Quench
This song was playing everywhere we went on that trip and my son bought me the album. Whenever it pops up on my i-pod I am whisked away to the UK. I also found "The Vicar of Dibley" on TV that trip and became a huge fan of the show. I would love to visit Turville, Buckinghamshire where the show was filmed.
Thank You, sleepytako for saving and finding the photos of our trip.
Heart !

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  1. How fun to have a whole town! I do not think there is a "Jeanette" town anywhere but who knows, I've never looked. I love Yorkshire as well, how could you not?
    I totally think they could handle one little angry parsnip, do them a bit of good :)
    Follow your heart and listen to your soul. If you want to go - go.
    I like that photo of you!

  2. Hello Gayle!!:
    We have relatives who live in Yorkshire and, as you say, it is a most picturesque county with so much of interest. And, what fun that you found a whole town named after you...could it be an omen?!

    It is so good that through your friendship in the Blogosphere you can keep a virtual foot in Yorkshire, until, of course, you decide to return in person one day.

  3. Glad i was able to help parsnip. The next time I am in the area I shall photograph parts of Gayle and e mail them to you.

  4. wow you own personal town, tits to that! i had the great pleasure of visiting the uk in 1972, it was a wonderful and memorable trip!

    smiles, bee

  5. I enjoy Jim Herriot's work. I think his books--atleast the one's I've read--take place in the 1930s. From the way Yorkshire is described in those stories, and judging by your photos, it looks like the place hasn't changed much. That's nice to know.

  6. There are probably towns with my actual name on them out there...

    That last pic's a really imposing one, Parsnip... or will we get used to calling you Gayle?

  7. jeanette...
    I love having a whole town plus the fact that Gayle is not a popular name today I can claim it as my town !
    I would love to go back to visit but first I need to be able walk.

    Jane and Lance...
    Such a beautiful countryside. I am so happy I found such great blogs to follow.
    Pats photo walks around the farm, towns, cities and places she travels to, are wonderful and I get to follow along.

    I am so excited to hear this news ! Something for me to look forward to.

    Empress Bee...
    My son and I had such a wonderful time. He is a great person to travel with.

    I don't think it has changed too much but I think the small lanes and roads are overwhelmed by bigger, faster and noisier cars.

    I know there is a Williams, Arizona it is near the Grand Canyon.
    What was so surprising was that the very few times I see the name Gayle it is spelled Gail or Gale. But to be in England up on a hill in the middle of Yorkshire and see your name that no one ever uses anymore.... it was so cool !
    As for the name I answer to both and the angryparsnip name has a cute story behind it.

  8. Ah Yorkshire! We had our cottage in Airedale for decades. I asked MTL if we knew Gayle - he said we had been through it but didn't really know it. I should have paid more attention.

  9. Pat...
    Oh, it is so beautiful or I think it is so beautiful from the photos I saw. I looked up the hotels in the area and they were quite fabulous. Must try to get my mobility to a point were I could walk around. It is an incentive to work harder.
    Must visit my town !

  10. OH, Gayle, I didn't know we shared these things in common, too. I am an Anglophile to the core. Herriot is part of my being, and Siegfried and Tristan and Helen . . my beloved blog friend, Rachel Fenton, is a Yorkshire girl, now displaced to New Zealand. It reminds me of the delicate strings that bind us all, the common, fragile threads, the things that thrill us. Thank you, 'snip. I needed this delight before bed tonight.

  11. Well this is a surprise - Is this Gayle near Hawes? Will have to have a tootle there on the motorbike!

  12. Leslie...
    Oh from all the books I have read from Herriot to Christie I look at the UK through rose colors glasses.

    Yes it is ! I am so excited....