Saturday, June 27, 2009

California Academy Of Science

Across from The de Young Museum is The California Academy of
Science. It too has had some changes and the most striking one is the
new Sod Roof. Right before I took this picture from the viewing tower
at The de Young, a long line of school children came out and a line
went in. Lots of new interest in the Science Museum since the new sod
roof was put in. . . how great is that !

Happy Saturday. . . parsnip : D


  1. It's quite funny to hear it called a sod covered roof. Sod is a more explicit word in the UK as in 'Sod off!'
    It would probably be called a turf covered roof over here. Are you anywhere near Hollywood. My friend Naomi who has just had her 78th birthday lives in the hills near there.

  2. PI. . .
    I realize that now ! ! ! yikes !
    sod is another landscaping term for buying rolls of pre grown grass and rolling it out in your dirt yard. Instant gratification a beautiful lawn in minutes !

    I am really not quite sure what they planted on the roof.

    I am several hours from LA, 5 to 7 and with traffic you can never really know.

  3. wow! So funny I just saw Mike last night and he was saying how Katie would like to make a visit to this museum. I think the two of them are going to take a trip up there sometime real soon. When are you flying back to Tucson?