Thursday, June 18, 2009

I've been "meme"

I've been "meme", originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

Thanks to Kanani I have been "meme" so here goes here are 5 things I
am proud of, that are me.

I think this flower is me! kind of a murky base, with the beautiful
green pads supporting a new bloom.

First part. . . The murky water. . . Change

At age 60 I packed up my car with 2 Little Square Black Dogs, a 14
century Japanese Kitchen God, some paintings and books locked the
door to a home that I really loved living in and dove down Pacific
Coast Highway for the last time as a resident of California and drove
to my new home in Tucson, Arizona.
A divorce left me unable to live in Laguna Beach, California. So I
moved to a town where I could live and since I had grown up in Tucson
I knew what to expect. Left all my friends, my home that I loved, and
The Pacific Ocean ! ! !
Bought a home ripped up the carpet moved some walls. . . added here
took away there.
Kinda proud that I took the jump Survived the murky water and Change
my life, not too bad for a 62 year old.
I made a choice.

Second part. . . The Lilly Pads. . . Support
For what ever reason I have Fabulous friends and I am proud that they
call me their friend. They support me and I them through all the good
times and we work on the bad times.
I recently had a Lunch Party for my son and his new wife to meet
friends who watched him growing up and were part of our lives .
Sitting at the table were people I had know from 40 years to as little
as 6 years. They supported me through the death of a Baby Daughter, my
home burning down in one of California famous fires, major surgeries
and a few illnesses. We have laughed and cried and had way too much
fun. They are talented and funny and always interesting.
I understand.

Third Part. . . The Bloom. . . Growth
After all the years of doing for others, I am the Queen of
Volunteering, I get time to work on projects I want to. Today when
companies are going out of business I am starting up mine. A small
line of Stationary and Illustrating a Book.
Sinking my feet in the murky water taking root and I will Bloom I will
Take a Chance.

Fourth Part. . . The Sun. . . Life
My Children. They are a hoot ! I enjoy them as people who are
interesting and stand on their own, not because they make me look good
by their achievements. I feel that I gave them a good start, taught
them the basics, gave them a place to shine no matter what they
wanted to do, and in return I have learned so much from them.
I learn.

Fifth Part. . . . The Air. . . Breath
I gave my self permission to live
I made a choice to not forgive someone, to not condone arrogance and
stupidity but to turn my back and walk away. Not in anger but with
the knowledge that no matter what I did it never matter. Once I did
that the world opened up and I took a breath.
I gave myself power.
I am Happy.

Here are three very important items about me that I couldn't fit in
above. . .

I am the Crazy Lady you see laughing at the Greeting Card counter.
I will pick a Lemon Bar over Chocolate Cake any day.
I love Scottish Terriers.

Cheers, Parsnip


  1. This is beautifully written. I really enjoyed this: "I made a choice."
    Excellent, and it shows us how deep you are!

  2. As a woman I am proud of you Parsnip. That was heart warming and inspiring to read. Hooray for you!

  3. Kanani. . .
    High praise from someone who I think is a Fabulous writer...

    PI. . ..
    Thank You, women have always been strong but we don't always see how great we really are.

  4. Gayle
    Such wonderful words from such a wonderfuland amazingly brave woman. I am more than delighted to call you my friend you never judge me and accept me and others for who they are. You have always inspired me. That is why your children have grown into the powerful and interesting people they are you gave them great tools and always led by your examples. I really miss not being able to just pop in for coffee with you. I am working on a trip to see you soon and am hoping to have Donna join me. Will keep you posted!

  5. Debbie...
    yea! ! !
    Thanks and right back at you ! I love calling you and Donna Friends !