Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Famous Two Headed Dog Of Tucson Arizona

Watson who is so good to the very conflicted Hamish, lets him smoouch
in the basket even though Watson was there first and at one time very
I am not sure why but Watson always looks out for Hamish and takes
care of him, which is a good thing because Hamish needs a lot of


  1. Earl,

    We all need Watson....

    He was a companion to Kirbey a Black Scottie.... She was sick most of her short life but we all loved her.
    In fact I am illustrating a book on her very exciting life, in her and our minds.
    She was so good to puppy Watson, I think/hope that is why Watson is so great but really he is just a very sweet dog.

  2. AHHH missed the right spelling ...
    I know it is ERYL, but the American just kicks in sometimes.... put I am suppose to be doing bills...ugh !

  3. You know, do dogs ever fail to baffle us? One bed, two dogs.