Monday, June 1, 2009

Cactus Garden at The Desert Museum

Today is my Mom's Birthday. . . I miss her <3
My Mother was a Fabulous Gardener so she would have loved this Garden.


  1. My mum's is on the 17th of June. Hardly a day goes by without me thinking of her and I often dream about her. May was beautiful this year and that was her name.

  2. PI...

    No matter how old we are we miss our Mum's

  3. When my mum died I cried and cried but, actually, I have found I don't miss her because it feels like she's still here. I seem to have a constant dialogue buzzing in the background between the two of us which I can bring to the fore at anytime.

    Love the cactus garden!

  4. I miss my mom (and my Dad), too. I'd love to ask her so many things...

  5. Eryl. . .
    how nice to have that dialogue, I have memories that keep drifting in and out.

    debra. . .

    me too, I wish I could just sit down for a chat.