Friday, June 26, 2009

de Young Museum . San Francisco, California . . .24 June 2009

In 2005 the de Young Museum reopened with a new facility that
integrates nature, art and architecture. . . you can say that
again. . . I have wanted to visit here ever since they reopened and
WOW ! this museum does not disappoint. Plus any museum that has
several Sargent paintings is just fine in my book.

What I like is the way they used warn natural materials, stone, wood,
glass and copper. It is a long low building that descends into the
side of a hill not perched on it.
What really sets it apart is the use of a Copper ( my favorite
material) Facade that is perforated and textured to mimic the the
light filtering through the trees. The museum abstract facade merges
and blend into the park setting so well that I can not wait to see in
later years when the oxidation will turn the the copper color to a
rich green patina.

The layout in side is user friendly, fun, exciting and although The
Tutankhamum Collection was not out on the day we went ( bummer )
there were several shows that I was very happy to see.

I am visiting my artist daughter who lives in Oakland for a week and
the weather has been very typical San Francisco like, it can and will
change at any moment. I really love this area and wanted at one time
to move here but it is sadly out of my reach now.

On a bad note the reason for such a late post. . . . week 4 of my very
painful headache. For years I had horrible Migraines but the last few
years much improved... then 4 weeks ago something happened and I have
been plagued with a headache that just will not go away. As soon as I
get back home into the doctors for more tests.

Enjoying Northern California and how lovely this area is. . . more
pictures to come. . . happy weekend : D parsnip


  1. I'm so sorry about your head. i used to have migraines during the period when I was modelling and I'm so thankful not to have had then since I got pregnant. I hope you are able to enjoy the rest of your visit and can get them cleared up soon.

  2. PI. . . Thanks, Migraines are no fun ! Have to see what next batch of test say.

  3. Just discovered that when I added you to my side bar I made a mistake. All OK now I think:)

  4. Is this the museum with the sod covered roof? Glad you are up in Molly country for a visit it is good for you to have the chance to get away and enjoy a little. Sorry that headache is being so persistent don't you have more than your share of aches and pains already!!??

  5. Debbi. . . The de Young is on one side and the California Academy Of Science is across the plaza.

    PI. . . thank you for adding me !

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