Friday, March 1, 2019

Square Dog Friday, leftovers

Leftovers !

 Drinking melted snow water from the roof.
He has water dishes in the house and one outside but he drinks the roof water ?
He is such a funny gud dug.

Release the Kraken and the Angler Fish

 ooooooooouu gudgud gud

minemineminemine mine

nurrrrf burfff nuff

mineminemine mine mine

gurrrrnurf foof


gurftt mine


 As always here is your pretty to start the weekend

Days are warm in the 70's but you can still see the snow up higher.
Mt. Lemon to the right and much higher is still covered pure white with snow.

 iwinstonon patrol workin' is never done work work barkbark woof
iwinston barkin' coyote away

 always on security duty iwinston be workin'

cheers,  parsnip


  1. Brilliant! Love the angler fish, and those last two pics of security guard Iwinston by your beautiful mountains.

  2. Hi, Gayle!

    That last picture is picture perfect, dear friend! It's good to see Winston on active duty. Every gud dug loves to drink melted snow water from the roof. Roof water is delicious and nutritious and loaded with vitamins and minerals. I loved seeing the pics of Winston and Aggie playing tug of war with that fish. Looks like you have seen the last of the snow for many months, perhaps years.

    Have a wonderful weekend, dear friend Gayle!

  3. Drinking snow water? Winston must be part of a back-to-nature movement.

  4. Those toys are so cute and I love seeing Winston and Agatha having loyd of fun! Winston is such a gud patrol dug :-) The last photo is majestic with a handsome dug with breathtaking background!
    Happy Friday xo

  5. I do love your gud dugs! They always make my Fridays happy!

  6. Such gud dogs, I almost wish I had one. Your weather looks beautiful. I love iWinston on patrol.

  7. They are very efficient destroyers of toys!

  8. Guard dog lying on a lovely cosy cushion?? Now that's a first.

  9. I miss the 70s *sigh* I'm glad Winston has a job he enjoys :)

  10. Awesome pictures. Snow water! LOL

  11. What a breathtaking vista! And breathtaking square dogs, too!

  12. So wonderful to see Agatha blossom into the Chief Destroyer, and a beautiful picture of Number One Square Dog at the end.

    Hug your babies for me. We had to say goodbye to Daisy last week. 🐾

  13. The only time I ever visited AZ many years ago it was snowy, so weird I had not expected it!!!!!