Friday, March 15, 2019

Report Card ! not gud

Square Dog Friday... best day of the week
woof !

3 month Report
Oh No !

 Agatha Tallulah, better known as Danger Noodle.
She is so long, has tall legs and is a ninji.

Scotties have ankles and footies that is all.
So having a gud dug with long legs is very different for us.

 She is working on her gud dug security guard duty pose.
Her working name is Captain Danger Noodle.

 Agatha's part time Surgery is still going wonderful.

 Doctor Agatha finishing a face lift.

 Here is the problem, she wants to be inside all the time. 
We know the former person was a hoarder and kept all the dogs outside.
I am working on her potty training, strangers (barking)  and being left alone.  
She had to go to the Vet for a day for tests and it was so very sad leaving her.
She ran out the door and sat by the car wanting to come home.
When she came back she has been my shadow, glued to my side again at all times.
We are working with her and it she getting better everyday. 
We love her she is a sweetheart but naughty. We enjoy the naughty.

 Please let me in !

 Wind blown iwinston is the exact opposite. 
He likes/wants to be outside all the time he loves it. Wet, cold even snow
he loves it ! I have to drag him inside, especially when it is dark outside.
That is main Coyote time.

He has a very wavy coat right now because he is always wet.
He loves running around in the rain and the wind.
Such a gud dug but so very weird ! 

 I always say if you like cats you will love Scotties. They are the cats of "Dogdom".
He likes boxes very much but really likes to destroy them.

 This is the chair my first Scotty Kirby loved to sit in. 
Watson, thehamish and now iwinston love to curl up in it.
It is the number one treasure in my will.

 What a gud dug he is.


cuddle time

just very cute time.

Three small pieces of Christmas Coal

 Destroyed !


As always here is your pretty to start the weekend.
Beautiful things from Radley, London.

Scotty and his friends.

Scotty and more Scotties.

cheers,  parsnip


When I got up at 6:30 Friday morning I had a "Line" message  from my
Japanese Son who is in New Zealand right now.
He is the head of the International Studies program at his Japanese University.
Right now he has a group that is studying English at Christchurch University.

He said "I didn't have to search long for all his students who were spread out
across the area. All are back and safe and they were on lock down for a while.

He bought Fish and Chips for all the students and they sent an
"all safe student photo" to everyone.  Thank Goodness !

I said a prayer for the people who were killed in this violent act.
This is so very sad and beyond stupid.


  1. Loving those nap photos. The Pip is a rescue from bad puppy mill situation and is just like Agatha...hates the great outdoors! Would much rather be inside acting as my shadow all day.

    The New Zealand situation is heartbreaking. Will it never stop? Thinking of you and wishing you and family a peaceful and loving weekend. X

  2. Nap time is such a good thing for good dogs!

  3. awwwwwwww The Pip what a sweet gud dug she is. How is she doing now ? better I hope.
    Agatha is still my shadow but from a distance now. Not glued to my leg. How sad that she thought we were going to leave her there, she just wanted to be home. Breaks my heart.

    1. oppps messed up again this was a reply for Camille.

      As for William yes naptime is gud. but when your two gud dug snore....

    2. So pleased for all your son's students. The act was beyond awful wasn't it?

    3. We all were,
      There was a huge news presents at the University when the news hit.

  4. Hi, Gayle!

    It is wonderful to know that you son and his students are all safe in New Zealand in the wake of the latest massacre. I am heartsick from all the hate and violence in the world today.

    In sharp contrast there are your gud dugs. I hope Agatha continues to adjust to life with you. Winston loves to be outside because that's where the roof water comes down. :) The pictures of Aggie and Winston cuddling and sleeping together are priceless. I also love the Scotty designs on those bags.

    Take care and have a good weekend, dear friend Gayle!

    1. Agatha is better everyday.
      Love your comment about the roof water !

  5. How sweet to see your gud dugs napping in your special chair. Agatha is a gud watch dug and you and iwinston are helping her to be a much happier girl. I love those Scotty bags! It was difficult to hear the news from New Zealand. I am grateful your son's students are all okay.

    1. His students are university students so they knew to come back also they were to go to the park today but changed ideas, that park is just down from the shootings so very sad.

  6. It's awesome that no matter what dogs you have, they all seem to get along well. They're family, and I think they all realize how lucky they are to be with you.

    Thank God your son and his students are all okay. The world is becoming such a scary place, I can understand Agatha's desire to hunker down inside of the house.

    Have a wonderful weekend. Cheers!

    1. We worked on them meeting and it went well.
      They are family much like you kitties !

  7. I'm so glad your son and his students are okay. What a idiotic, stupid act...all those poor people that were killed or injured...their suffering families. The world is a cold place sometimes.

    BUT WE HAVE DOGS! My friend always says we don't deserve dogs. She might be right. But it looks like you have the perfect fit of pups.

    Love, Cherdo

    1. We do not deserve dogs but we are very lucky if we have sweet gud dugs.
      when I see abuse I want to put them in prison with big fines

  8. Thank God your son and the kids are safe! OMG Cute noodle!!

    1. They are all safe and almost ready to go back to Japan.
      She is a noodle.

  9. Agatha is such a beautiful girl. It’s sad she was in hoarder situation. I’m glad she is with you now, being cherished and loved. And getting lots of patients to give surgery :-) She and Winston napping together is so precious!
    How scary your son and his students are in NZ when the shooting took place. I’m so grateful they are OK. Such a horrible thing that heart goes out to the victims and their loved ones. xo

    1. She is a gud dug and we love her surgery and all.

  10. Agatha is a sweetie! I love hearing about your gud dugs!

    As to what happened in's so evil and pointless and tragic. How can people have such hate in their hearts? It's beyond comprehension. I'm so glad your son and the students are okay.

  11. Agatha, Captain Danger Noodle makes an excellent alias. How wise you are to continue your work as a surgeon. If the job as gud dug security guard doesn't work out, then you still have your surgery. Clever to have multiple careers as possibilities.


    1. First she was noodle then I named her danger noodle and when she is on patrol she is Captain Danger Noodle

  12. Bless Agatha, she feels so safe with you. And I love iwinston outdoors! Teddy is the same, regular patrols of the garden in all weathers.

    I wish people would get on with their own lives and stop pushing themselves into other people’s- what possible good did that awful massacre achieve?

    1. I hope she feels safe with us. We worry about that.
      iwinston is nuts !

  13. Love the graphic images of Agatha's surgeries! LOL

  14. With your loving care, Agatha will become a very gud dog.

  15. Agatha will get there. It's good you're so patient with her. And I love that first purse!

    1. She is getting there slowly, she is under doctors care right now. Hoping for the best.

  16. I'm so pleased that your son and his students are all okay.

    I did enjoy your photographs, and those bags look good too..

    All the best Jan

    1. I already spent way too much money at Radley I wish all the times I was in the UK I knew about them ! I have ordered so much..... need to stop now !

  17. Another heartbreaking week. Thanks for the Scottie love.

  18. The Scotty love would want all your attention, Agatha would bark and then sit down and look at you from a distance. She is cautious of men.
    I wonder what happened to her but she is very sweet.

  19. Your Agatha reminds me of of our 11 month old Pekingese Yum Yum .... he was taken away from his Mother and siblings when tiny as he had Pneumonia and had to stay at the Vet as he was very ill. So , when we adopted him he was like your Agatha - clingy and nervous and he loved to chew to relieve his anxiety so I bought those freeze dry dog chews that are super tough .... he does not rely on them that much now but he does love a good chew and in time he will realize that we will never leave him. I used to have a Cairn Terrier and Toby loved to be outside all the time too.... in the breed :)
    I am so glad to read your son and students were fine. NZ , especially Christchurch is a beautiful place.Just so sad .
    Oh ..... take a look on Ebay for Radley bags - never know - could grab a bargain :)

    1. Oh she is a big chewer !
      I love Terriers they are just the best.
      No more Radley bags. I have several and don't use them because I use a walker but they are hanging so I can see them ! I love my wallet and use it all the time.

  20. Just adorable dogs and I love the windswept photo especially - thanks for sharing the photos - Alison