Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Mia and badger

Mia has learned to give some commands and to give iwinston a cookie.
He is very gentle but has a beard (that drips after drinking water) and she is not use to it.
Yuko was taking this video.

In the words of "the great one" fud gud !


Schools in Japan give vacation homework. They expect it on the first day back unlike many
American schools. My kids used to get so mad when they did the homework but the teachers
just blew it off.
On the days we did not go out early in the morning, Mia did her homework.
One piece of homework was a project.
Mia chose "Sculpey" It is a clay type goop, that you can mold into anything you want
and then bake it in an oven to set.

 Under the colorful flap in the middle of the board
is a surprise.

She always writes in English and Japanese, on her work.
Love love love her drawing of a hedgehog ! She also drew
iwinston, Merida and Oliver.

Love her sweet drawings. My oven has never looked so good or so kawaii.
Here are some of her animals.
Hedgehogs (she used some of my tools to clip the wooden sticks) in their home 
along with a Tucson Lizard.
Her Teachers are alway talking about her uses of color.


As always here is a mid-week pretty.
I so want to go to this Hotel, although I would rather have GODZILLA,
dinosaurs will work in a pinch.
Someone is still on LIZARD Patrol ! 
gud dug badger !

cheers,  parsnip


  1. Oh my, how Mia has grown! I know that visit was such a blessing for all of you. Did you fix lots of sushi? Tell us some more things that they got to do.

  2. She has grown since Christmas ! I will post about the things we did.
    How are you feeling ? Better !

  3. What delightful pictures Mia has drawn. I have just had my great grand daughter, who is two in December, for the weekend. They are a delight aren't they?

  4. Her time at your place was quite productive!

  5. Loved the video! What a wonderful imagination your granddaughter has and obviously very smart.

  6. I just love everything about this post! Mia is just adorable, and so smart and creative! I know you're extremely proud of her, and rightly so.

  7. Mia is going from cute to gorgeous fast. Keep Winston on Mia patrol. Lol

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  9. Oh she's a lovely lass! That video made me smile. I love the way iwinston is watching her. Fantastic use of colour in her models too x

    1. iwinston is watching her because she has a cookie in her hand !

  10. Loved the video. Mia-Chan and Winston are so adorable together! Her homework report looks wonderful. I really love her drawings. And the colorful animals she made are so beautiful!
    I would love to visit that hotel with dinosaur robot :-)

  11. Mia is becoming quite the artist--and a pretty girl.

    I'd stay at a hotel run by dinosaurs!

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  13. Super cute. I remember seeing this when you uploaded it.