Friday, June 23, 2017

Square Dog Friday, frenzy....

Best day of the week is here 
Square Dog Friday.

thehamish is helping, as always, on today's post.
Woof it thehamish.

yesh i thehamish is talkin' 
it is so hot today and lots' of fires all around here
nice tall person who feed us is takin' pictures from the tv
30 fires in arizona bad bad bad not gud at all
lots of them near my home not gud

Most of these fires are all south and southeast of Tucson.
Big and small some have been burning for over a month now.
It is so bad so early.



  water in the pond for gud wild wild birdies and critters' 
nice tall person who walks gud dug is makin' sure they have gud clean water

 hot so hot roadrunner is coolin' off next to bun bun
nice tall person who feeds us said it is 118 
not knowin' my numbers but i am know that is hot
it is hot hot hot too hot for gud dugs and nice animamuls

 nice tall person who is feedin' us is makin' pretty carrot to send to
nice tall person who has many gud dugs

i thehamish is vantin' to be alone
 i thehamish is needin' my sleepin'
i thehamish pills makin' i thehamish sleeeeepy
i thehamish is sleepin' on my rainy cloud

i thehamish is lookin' out my window
it is hot hot hot nice and cool in home

 i thehamish is hot much too hot for gud dug thehamish

 i thehamish is fightin' the snakie i thehamish is winnin'
i thehamish is needin' chkikin'

Thank You thehamish !
You did a great job.
I lurve you my sweet baboo !


Of course just because I can here is your pretty for the weekend.
I think thehamish wants to cool off.

He is lay right in front of his little window.
Naughty !

cheers,  parsnip


  1. I've heard of the fires and heat. Have you ever tried one of those misters you attach to the water hose? It really cools the animals down. Used to do it for my chickens.

    1. I have two misters in my side yards for the plants and sitting outside with thehamish and Oliver.
      So many backyard chickens have died in the heat. In the city of Tucson you can have chickens. On the News they have been showing what to do and how to use the misters for the animals. One backyard garden was shown how she has misters for her pigs, ducks and chickens.
      But stupid people who have outside dogs have been leaving them outside in the 117 heat.
      What the hell are they thinking ? The animal shelter is picking up these dogs and I hope fineing them big time !
      One they found was left on an apartment deck, when he was rescued it was 130 on the deck with no shade or water.
      Some people should not have dogs or children ! Big waste of oxygen.
      Two of my children work at the shelter. You would not believe the stuff they see.

    2. I couldn't stand it. I'm with you. I can only hope the perpetrators will feel the heat.

  2. I thought about you the other day when a news report said something about the horrible heat in Phoenix. I even mentioned to Gregg that I felt sorry for you all. I guess I shouldn't complain so much about the weather here in SC--you definitely have it worse!

  3. Complain away... it is better out that in hahahahahahahahaha ! Everyone has some kind of bad weather right now.
    I hope your gud dugs are feeling fine in your hot hot sticky weather. We have been thinking of them.

  4. UGH! That kind of heat is fit for neither man nor beast. I read in the paper that some organization in Phoenix was giving away free booties to protect doggie paws from the blistering hot pavement. I can't even imagine anyone leaving their pet outside in that kind of heat, though.

    We've been getting a lot of rain here, which I prefer to ungodly heat. Also, on the plus side, the rain has finally put out the wildfires that have been burning in south Georgia for more than two months.

    That's some kinda sexy carrot... :)

    Have a super weekend.

    1. We will get some rain soon but it is monsoon rain that comes with lighting strikes that starts fires. Oh what fun.

  5. I like that blind Hamish is using for his sleep. Nice of you to take care of the outdoor critters too. I hope the crews fighting the fires come through without any losses. A photoblogger I know lost his son fighting forest fires.

    1. My brother almost died in a firefight. It top and caught his crew. They had time to cover with the fire blankets. They all lived but very scary.
      So far everyone is safe but the firefighters from other northern states are having a hard time with the heavy equipment plus our super high temps. They are being rotated out more. The biggest fire here that has been burning over 2 week just jumped the line and is now bigger. It will be a very bad fire season for the west.
      I am so sorry to hear about his your friends Son. It is such a sad day for everyone.

  6. My God, I can't even imagine 118, I'm melting in the 90's. Love the Hamish in his sleep mask. How horrible to have that many fires

    1. The animals are having a hard time. I feel so bad about them.

  7. Stay cool inside, thehamish. I know the nice tall person who feeds you will keep you comfortable. It has rained so much here that our fires are finally out after burning for a month or more.


    1. Between the heat and his pain pills he is sleeping a lot in the cool house.

  8. I had to chuckle at the picture of The Hamish laying in front of his window airing his differences.

    I hope your weather will cool down and the forest fires can be kept under control and put out. The smoke from all of those fires must make it very difficult for people with respiratory illness.

    It's always interesting to see the critters visiting at the little oasis you created for them.

  9. Those fires look terrifying. Love the piccy of the bunny and the road runner and of course thehamish. He's brilliant x

  10. Hope that those fires don't come any nearer. Looks like Hamish is keeping a good look out for them.

  11. Funny picture of Hamish with the blind.

  12. I've seen stories about the fire and heat on the evening news. I hope the fires stay away from your place.

    Road runners, have such cute critters around your place! We have bunnies and squirrels and groundhogs, but nothing unique to our area.

  13. Such a great post! A lot of thanks for sharing.

  14. Hot summer air is uncomfortable, but those fires are absolutely terrifying.

    In the past week we have had some really strong rains for which we should be very thankful.

    Lots of love to you and thehamish...and to those cats, too. xo

  15. 118 sounds awful.

    I always like your roadrunner pictures. They're so much more biker-gang looking than Looney Toons would have one believe.

  16. Gosh that's way too hot. The fires look awful...hope they get under control. We've had lots of rain here which is good as we've been in drought condition. Wild life around your home is lucky to have access to clean water :-)
    Thank you for your comment. I've been busy, tired, and lazy but everyone is doing well :-) Hopefully get back to blogging soon. Happy Sunday!

  17. Hello Parsnip, oh those fires are horrible. A horror too you had once to deal with it yourself. It is to hot in Europe as well and indeed the fire in Portugal was so bad. Now in Spain there are fires too. Glad to see Hamish is doing well. Good you take care of the wildlife with water.