Monday, June 19, 2017

Monday sadness.

Such sad news everywhere today.

I read some of the news of the forest fires in Portugal.
With all the other news in  Washington, London, Paris and Syria,
some news feeds are not even mentioning it today.

If you haven't read about this there is a huge fast growing forest fire 
in central Portugal. It has injured 16 with at this time 
25 people killed with many burned to death in their cars trying to escape.

This reminds me of the wildfire that destroyed part of Laguna Beach.
We were living on the top of a hill overlooking Laguna Beach to the Pacific.
The wildfire came blowing in from the north and in a few seconds turned 
blew up and over the backside of the hill and flew down and over my home. 
We had seconds to leave. 

I drove the children down the hill then onto Pacific Coast Highway. 
The road was now bumper to bumper. I could see the fire coming down the hill towards us.
 PCH runs right next to ocean, I told my older son, to hold on to his brother and sister 
and run the block to the ocean and jump in, if the fire overtook us and don't look back.

We had an a chance so many of these people didn't.
My heart goes out to them. I have lived through this and it is horrible.
I am holding all of these people close to my heart today.

I end with a happy.

cheers,  parsnip


  1. These days. it's almost impossible to get away from the bad news, Gayle. Sending you hugs.

    1. I try not to dwell on it but this one I have lived through

  2. It's horrible to imagine both the fire in Lon and Portugal. How scary for you and your family, loss of home is awful, but it could have been worse. Hugs to Hamish.

  3. It must upset you every time you hear of wildfires. What a terrible loss. Is that why you left Laguna Beach as I hear it is so beautiful. Glad to see Ham happy.

    1. Time dulls all. But I do miss my life Laguna Beach. I always wanted to live by the ocean after living in the desert all my life.
      I moved to Tucson because my X decided he needed a trophy wife like his friends and he walk out one morning as I dropped the children off to school. He left a message on the answer phone. Bye I'm gone.
      I would have stayed there but even with the great lawyers I had and the bubble breaking in California.... it was stay in my home that I just bought and loved or take care of my children who still in school. I chose my family.
      I moved back to Tucson it is beautiful and so much cheaper. I invested my money bought my home and car. No debt. I live quietly.

    2. Men; can't live with them. Tucson must be wonderful. Is it near Sedona? I hear it's neat there. I'm getting into the whole crystal thing and want to go to that show there. I am learning about it and can't believe all the mines in Bisbee. I want to go to that show someday and maybe to Sedona. There is something to be said about having all paid off. I've always wanted to move to Carlsbad, CA but never will. Just love the ocean.

  4. Forest fires are ferocious when they get going. So hard to stop.

    1. Arizona is on fire right now 5 fires near Tucson

  5. It seems I wake up to sadness everyday lately. Your face makes me feel better, thehamish.


  6. I hate fire. We have lived to tell the tale. The news regarding the high rise tower in London has kept me awake nights. Hugs to you and thehamish. X

  7. Fire is so scary! Thank goodness you escaped! The world has so many sad things going on right now that we have to concentrate on the positive things in our own lives.Hugs to you and your cuties.

  8. Sometimes I think it would be nice to be a dog and not have to have the worries and troubles of the world on one's shoulders.

  9. So much sad news everwhere indeed. The fire in Portugal is awful.
    It's lovely to see happy face of handsome thehamish :-)

  10. I was so shocked at that high rise fire. Living on the 19th floor in a building without sprinklers is so scary!

    Hugs to you both!