Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Wednesday in Japan. . . train trip

Son took daughter out for an overnight train trip.
He loves to ride the trains and so far so does she.
I must admit riding Japanese trains are a treat. 
But then I don't need to ride them
 during the morning commute.
 Mia is growing up too fast.

 Helping drive the train.

 Ready Set Go !

 That looks like the biggest bowl of shaved ice !
 Instead of a glass of milk after a visit to the Onsen,
the owners gave her an ice cream and Daddy had a beer.

 Back home and helping Daddy make tortillas

 She loves her letters and loves writing our names.
This time she added Uncle Adam to the "zilla family"
mumzilla or mumajilla


 Again, just because I can, here is your pretty for mid-week.

For Mother's Day, Adam made me one of my favorite dishes.
From the Kerala region of India, a Fish Moilly or Fish Stew.
It is made with fish, turmeric, red onion, green chilies, ginger,
coconut cream and lime juice.
Heaven in a bowl. 

 So pretty and fabulous !

And enough left over for the next day when it taste even better.
I am so lucky !

yum. . . parsnip
music. . . Neighborhood Girls,  Suzanne Vega


  1. I try not to bore everyone but Son just sent so photos and I thought I could post a quick blog with them.
    I wasn't going to post today, some of thehamish's test are not great, so I have had that on my mind. Wating for the doctor to call back.
    Plus blogger will let me post on my blog but not to dashboard.
    I think that might be where most of my followers read from maybe ? ? ? so that was super frustrating.

  2. How old is Mia now? 5? She is beautiful. And your lunch looked delicious.

  3. I'll be thinking of you and the Ham. Mia is growing.

    1. Something is wrong... she keep growing !
      I keep tell her stop growing.

  4. She's so cute!!!! And I'm stealing that recipe.

    1. If I can get dashboard to work it I will post it.

  5. What a cutie! You are so lucky!

  6. I love taking train trips in Japan, except during rush hour of course :-) Looks like Mia-Chan and her dad had such a great time together! She looks very cute in sun glasses! Did they visit Nara?
    Your Mother's Day dish looks so yummy. Those heavenly photos sure made me hungry :-)

    1. No, we have been Nara so many times. Love it !
      They when out further from the city. I can't remember where. He loves to ride the smaller local trains.

  7. Beautiful little girl!

    I hope Hamish is ok. I'm worried about him. ♡

  8. Your granddaughter is adorable!!! We have no grandchildren so I must live vicariously through others. Your soup looks delicious and I don't like fish. Give Hamish a hug for me.

    1. awww Thank You she is a cutie.
      I never asked my children when they would have children, I figure when they are ready they are ready.
      The "soup" I so good that I think you could make it with chicken or tofu.

  9. Before you know it, Mia will be all grown up. She's going to be a beautiful young woman one day soon, probably too soon for her dad!

    Sounds like you had a great Mother's Day!

  10. She is a great little girl and parents who are raising her right.

  11. The dish does look pretty and fabulous and so does Mia.