Monday, May 9, 2016

parley view parsnip. . .

Monday Monday, so good to me
Monday mornin', it was all I hope it would be.

I would like to thank everyone who left such lovely comments on Friday's post.
i thehamish sendin' chkikin' strips to all
I will try to answer them today, time is moving faster than I am.

This week will be filled more doctors appointments, blood test,
buy extra food, get more of his meds and just make sure everything 
is ready for thehamish's 18 May ALC Surgery.
For him with all his health problems the operation affects all of them so we
have to be sure they and I know what to expect and how I can handle them.
Only 29 pounds (of cute) but he does need an entourage for all his stuff.

Some Sunday photos.
 Driving down my street.

 A windy sky.

 An ocean of waves in the sky.

 I love the bright clear light in Tucson.


And of course just because I can here is your pretty for the start of the week.
thehamish being naughty.
ummmm what else ?

We are allowing him to walk around but no running or jumping.
He is very slow and it looks painful but he has to follow me around no matter what.
I tell him no but sooner or later he sneaks around looking for me.
He will only walk about half way and I see him peeking around the corners.

 Now how can you be mad at this ?

hey is that other dug who is not  i thehamish tryin' to hiden' 
i thehamish toy
this is not gud not gud at all
i thehamish is not happy 
oh woe oh woe is me

clouds. . . parsnip
music. . . Small Blue Thing,  Suzanne Vega


  1. I could never be mad at that cutie!

    What a spectacular sky!

  2. All looks good there. Love that Ham.

  3. Hi, dear Gayle!

    Poor gud dog thehamish. He is always crying "woe is me." I wish the operation was already behind him and he was on the road to recovery. I will be praying for him. I see that the procedure is slated for the same day as my grandson's first birthday. I hope it brings your lovable pooch gud dog luck.

    Your skyscapes - crystal blue "canvas" dotted with puffy white clouds and random wisps and strands - are magnificent. They look like an artist's renderings. I think we both know who that artist is.

    Much love to you and thehamish and have a wonderful week, dear friend Gayle!

    1. Then we will all have a good day !
      Let There Be Cake !

  4. Looking around corners- it figures. Gorgeous skies!

    1. I love when he does that. He is just so funny.

  5. Replies
    1. Oh Thank You.
      One year I did a book of Clouds for family and friends for Christmas.

  6. Poor baby! Just another manic Monday I see.

  7. thehamish is such a sweetheart. He wants to follow you and stay close no matter what. No, no one can get mad at him! I hope the day when he can jump and run as much as he wants will come soon, after surgery.
    The sky is gorgeous. It's really like the ocean of waves! Happy Monday and have a wonderful week xoxo

    1. The ocean wave is my favorite. The sun was so bright that I just aimed the phone and hoped for the best. We were stopping for a second so I had a second to shoot it. If I had a choice I wish I could have moved it over to the left and got more of the wave.

  8. I will certainly share the ckicknnn strip with Dexter. I am certain he is running around twice as fast just for the Hamish. My previous dog had both knees done, but not at the same time. He had the grace to let one almost heal before he blew the other one. He was eleven when his were done. Good luck to the Hamish. Hope it goes well.

    1. thehamish is 12 but has had too many operations.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  9. thehamish does share just as long as we get the same treat.
    Thank You for stopping by.

  10. Oh, I do love him, what a sweetheart! xx

  11. Wonderful sky pictures! Aw, Hamish is so peekaboo cute.

  12. Parsnip, your Tucson sky photographs are very beautiful. I could just about imagine what the air must be like!

    The peeping 'round the corner photos have charmed me. Best wishes to you and that very gud dog. xo

    1. The Tucson Skies are beautiful. They are a treat.

  13. Do you ever wonder what is going through his gud little doggle head? It would probably be an eye opener for us all.

    Coco had a dog toy that looks like a blue stuffed dog. Recently, in a frenzied shake-a-thon, she tore off Blue's ear. While shopping, I found the exact same toy - only green. I bought it and brought it home and Coco keepings eyeballing it like it represents a betrayed trust. How dare I try to bring in a substitute for Blue.

    In the height of originality, we call this impostor "Green."

    Have a great week, Gayle!

    1. Adam and I talk about that all the time. Just what is going on in his little brain.
      Love the story about the toy. You will have to sew that ear back on. Love the name Green !
      Naughty Mum.

  14. There's no time more worrying than when a child or a dog is unwell. All good wishes to thehamish; may he be back on form very soon.

  15. Awww...he looks so sweet! How can you ever say no to that face?

    Gayle, I think you spend more time with doctors than Collin and I do.

  16. thehamish is adorable. He reminds me of the little Scottish terrier in Lady and the Tramp.

  17. Fantastic skies. Hopefully they help to raise your spirits.