Friday, May 13, 2016

Square Dog Friday. . . he has done it again !

Friday Friday Friday !
Best day of the week is here.
Square Dog Friday.
thehamish ACL operation is a week away and 
of course that means all hell broke lose !
We had to zoom him to the Vets early Thursday morning.
He just shut down. His sugar levels were all over the place.

This is why you never say to the surgeon, 
"oh his diabeties is under control and his is doing great"
Never never never tempt fate.
Never !

Tummy problem, poo problems, not eating and he felt so bad that he
fell off the bed at 3am this morning.
He is still not eating today but he drank some water and I hand fed him
some chicken later that he ate. He is now sleeping in his bed.
I know lately the last few months all I talk about thehamish's
health problems but he is a happy little gud old dug.

 awwwwwww  my sweet thehamish this morning.
He walked right in passed me and walked to his crate and went to sleep.
Son and I have been talking about if he is just tired of everything, the insulin shots
20 units twice a day and the eye drops 7 a day it gets old very fast.
This has been going on for 6 years.


And as always here is your pretty for the weekend.
The Javelinas love what is left of my citrus grove.
I planted a Pomegranate tree where my favorite Meyers Lemon Tree
was. For some reason the water stands a bit and the Javelinas
love to sit in it on hot Days. It was 100 here yesterday.


 There were 3 Javelinas in the well cooling off.

 The babies have grown so much !
So darling.

tried. . . parsnip
music. . . Letting Go,  Jennifer Knapp


  1. Hi, dear Gayle!

    It breaks my heart to know that thehamish struggles with so many health issues, but that's how it goes when a beloved pet grows old. You are obviously doing everything possible to keep the poor little guy comfortable. I will continue to pray for gud dog thehamish.

    On a lighter note it was great to see the Javelinas visiting your property in search of a cool spot to take a nap. The young ones certainly have grown since you last showed them to us.

    Stay cool and have a nice weekend, dear friend Gayle!

  2. Sending Get Well wishes to you, thehamish, gud old dug. Hope you'll soon be feeling better.

    1. Thank You, I know it sounds like his life is full of pain (?) but he does have fun and he loves us as we love him.

  3. We do our best for our babies. Sometimes it is all we can do. He knows how much you love him. I used to have to lie down on Sister on the bed to give her the insulin shots. She now doesn't mind them so much and we're down to 3 eye meds per day. I still have to cook her food, but I hope she'll go one another six years with all that. Gud Ham and Mom.

    1. Awwww you really take care of your sweet ones. Are they just so funny and lovely.
      I only cook chicken and make a lot of broth. Hamish love chicken broth.
      I have cut two of the eye drops down to once a day. His eyes seem to be breaking down the crystals so far.

  4. Franklin, Penelope, and I send lurve to thehamish. He is our favorite pretty.


    1. And thehamish loves his Franklin and Miss Penelope !
      They are the best gud dugs with the best Mum.

  5. Sweet gud dog. I hope he feels better very soon.

    1. At 12, I see these episodes coming faster and closer together.
      Not good at all.

  6. Oh, poor sweet baby. You're right, being ill, taking medication all the time does get old. But he'll get better, he will.

    1. I have been on some of my med since 14 and let me tell you it get it gets very old.
      So I understand him getting tired of this all.

  7. Best wishes to you and to thehamish.

    100 degrees is way too darn hot. For anyone.
    Thank you for showing me what Javelinas look like. Now I will have to visit google.

  8. Oh dear, thinking of poor thehamish, hope he's feeling better soon.
    Your javelinas are on to a good thing by the sound of it.


  9. Ups and downs. We all hope that such a gud dog will get a few more ups soon.

  10. Poor Hamish. So sad to see our pets when they feel bad and there's nothing we can do.

    Our Meyers lemon tree is doing quite well. Grown a foot since we planted it last year!

  11. Oh, thehamish....poor sweet baby. I'm so sorry he's had such a hard time. Glad he ate some later. He may be tired with all the meds and shots, but at the same time, I'm sure he knows that you are doing the very best for him and that gives him energy. I hope he feels much better soon xoxo

  12. Gayle, is he strong enough for surgery? When I took Sam to the avian vet a week before he died, the vet said he needed his wing amputated, but at his age he would never survive the surgery.

    Love the javelinas, too.

    New Godzilla shirt:

  13. Hugs to Hamish - lifeis getting so hard for him. Hugs to you too.

  14. Again, all I can say is I do hope the best for Hamish. I doubt he knows the shots and eyedrops are to help. That he puts up with it at all shows what a good dog he is.

    I notice the javelins walking past a couple of rabbits. Apparently those are two animal species that get along with each other.

  15. The poor little guy. I hope he bounces back soon so he can have his surgery. The bittersweet choice of song you listed at the end of your post didn't escape me. I hope you won't have to be letting go any time soon.

  16. It's so difficult sometimes. You and Hamish are in my prayers.

  17. Your javelinas are so cute. Our own recent wildlife encounters have been quite a bit more alarming. We had bears on our back deck this morning - mama and two cubs. Oh, boy...

    Best to you and your little fella.

  18. Hello Parsnip, sorry to read about the setback of Hamish. I hope and wish for him and you better times. Those Javelinas are amazing :)

  19. I'm sorry to hear this. Will pray for the Hamish. Hair Ball goes Wednesday to have his stitches out. He is doing well though.

  20. I'm sure Hamish enjoys your undivided attention and I'm sure you and your son will know when he has had enough. Loving thoughts to you Gayle.