Friday, May 27, 2016

Square dog Friday . . . memememe me

Square Dog Friday is here.
Best day of the week if you are a Little Square Black Dog.
Let's woof it !
 i thehamish is watchin' for lizards
 not bother me i thehamish now i thehamish is huntin'
lizzarrrds !

 I thehamish is sittin' in sun tellin' lizzzards i thehamish is here watchin'

 nice tall person who feed us gots' new pillow for me

 mum is wantin' me to go inside 

 but i thehamish is likin' to sittin' on top

 i thehamish is sleepin' under workin' table
being i thehamish is tirein'

 friday mornin'




As always just because I can here is your pretty to start the weekend.

 Blooming cactus.
The packrats have destroyed this cactus.
They ate the cactus and blooms.  This one should be very green and filled with blooms.
After feeding it I might move it to a safe place for recovery.

Not as big bloom as it should be. Of the 6 blooms and 5 smaller buds that were just appearing
have been eaten last night by the dirty rotten packrats !

blooms. . . parsnip
music. . . Dancing in the Dark,  Diana Krall


  1. Hamish has himself no shortage of places to have naps!

  2. Miss Kitty likes to hurt t lizards too, maybe they could team up.

  3. Miss Kitty likes to hurt t lizards too, maybe they could team up.

  4. Did he ever catch a lizard. Pack rats - Hanta virus.

  5. Yes, did he ever catch any lizards?

  6. Hi, Gayle!

    I am very happy to see thehamish this Friday w/o any accompanying bad news about his condition. He looks tired but happy in these pictures as he hunts lizzarrrds and reclines on his new pillow.

    I still say you have some excellent cactus specimens even though you are quick to point out their flaws. The containerized cacti I keep in my sun room are getting new buds and branches this year.

    I wish you and gud dog thehamish a wonderful weekend, dear friend Gayle!

  7. As always, thehamish is so very handsome as he heads into the holiday weekend. No packrats in NH, just dastardly chipmunks and red squirrels that raise hell in the garden. The Pip was on the hunt all afternoon. They're very cute, but they carry Lyme ticks and fleas so we like them to keep their distance. Hugs. X

  8. Hope Hamish enjoys his holiday weekend. What a beautiful plant, did the flower come out really fast?

  9. Have you ever caught a lizard, thehamish? When we moved to Florida from Illinois, my dogs seemed mystified by lizards and sometimes darted after them. Franklin and Penelope ignore them, but they are natives of this strange land. How is your health, thehamish? It seems to me you didn't feel your best recently. You might want to try out that nice place to sleep. It looks soft to me. Yert.

    Janie, Penelope, and Franklin

  10. thehamish has the best life ever...I hope thehamish has some wonderful relaxation plans for the holiday weekend; you can never get enough sun and snooze.

    Janie asked about catching lizards. We have blue tail lizards; actually that is a lie. Thanks to Coco, we have quite a few without blue tails. Gross, Coco.

    Gud dog, thehamish is always soooo gud.

  11. Such a lovely place to hunt lizards...

  12. Awww thehamish, you are so adorable! Did you have fun hunting lizard? Goro caught lizard tail once before but not the whole thing. They are quite fast!
    So funny you got on the top of pillow and not inside :-) But you look very comfy and happy there! Love your big yawn!

    Have a happy weekend xoxo

  13. Thank you, thehamish, for sharing your lizzard hunting and relaxation techniques with us.

    Thank you Parsnip, for sharing thehamish with us.

    The cactus plant is beautiful. Hungry packrats would make me angry, too.

    Happy weekend. xo

  14. What a looker the Hamish is! I love that little square black man!

  15. Fantastic pictures of Hamish on his hunt for lizzards and the flowers on the cactus are so delicate and wonderful.
    Love this blog Parsnip.

  16. Oh thehamish is so gorgeous. And so are your cactus flowers, I hope they recover fully.


  17. Ted stood still staring at the base of a bush for a good 20 minutes after a lizzzzaaarrrd yesterday.
    Funny how we spend so much on cosy, comfy cushions and my Ted still flops down on concrete.

  18. So good of Hamish to keep the lizards in their place! Bet he makes a find watchdog!

    And your cactus looks very pretty from the picture. Can't tell the packrats got to it at all!

  19. I love the cactus what a beautiful flower. But I love thehamish more. I love his new pillow. How sweet he prefers to sit on top xx

  20. Hamish, I lurv your new bed. Looks fluffy and comfy.

  21. That flower is pretty. But the pup photo takes the win :-)

  22. I agree with the Happy Whisk. Blooming cacti are nice--especially at Outback Steakhouse but the Hamish wins my heart. Sitting on top is so adorable.

  23. What a snug bed Hamish!
    Those wicked packrats spoiling that lovely cactus.

  24. Hamish is looking good. He always has a beautiful back ground to set him off. Don't like the sound of pack rats:(

  25. thehamish, too cute for mere words.

  26. Hamish looks so cute trying out his new pillow. :) The cactus flower is so pretty, too bad the packrats!

  27. I do love that cactus, even with the packrat damage. Happy Friday!