Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Wednesday in Japan , rice

Food, wonderful food and Japanese food is wonderful.
Rice, noddles, vegetables, fish or meat.
Simple and so good.
 Salad with lotus root.

 Yakiniku, grilling at the table.

Train Bento
 Vegetables, chicken over rice

 Salmon over rice


 One with everything

And one with a beer.
Now why am I re-posting some already seen photos ?
Even if they look beautiful and were so tasty ?
Because of rice !
I love rice I could eat it everyday.
But rice and bread doesn't like my scale or my hips, like most carbs.

I usually put my stir fry and curry on cabbage. 
Either cut super fine on a mandolin
or sliced very thin with a knife like noodles.
I found magic.
Magic !
I am telling you magic.
Are listing or reading this.
Magic Cauliflower
Besides loving cauliflower and chopping it up for many of my dishes,
I found out I could make Cauliflower Rice
and I am so happy.
Happy Happy Happy.
Take a head of cauliflower and grate fine. I don't have a food processor
so I used my trusty old box grater.  It should look like rice.
In a saute pan I used about a tablespoons of coconut oil and lightly cooked "rice"
with some onion for about 5 minutes.
Stir in what ever you feel like. I just wanted a plain rice.
Son made a quick pork and onion stir fry with one of his own sauces.
It was so good and since it was my evening meal it felt great
not to eat or miss the carbs.

Maybe I am Pavlov's Dog
but the cauliflower looked like rice and tasted pretty close to rice.
Woof, woof, drool.
You can add anything you want to it, more spices, pesto, sauces what ever.
My next try will be a veggie stir-fry with tofu.

 This was so good.


And just because I can here is your mid-week pretty.
The Gud Dr. Watson

 Pretty handsome considering he is 16.

Very profound.
One with the world.
Very Zen.
I love this dog.
He is my heart.
He helped our family through some very tough times.
He is an old soul.
Since he is deaf now and has dementia I talk and kiss the top of
his beautiful head everyday.

zen. . . parsnip
music. . . Postcards From Paradise,  Ringo Starr


  1. What a fun thing to try. Neato. Thanks for sharing.

  2. In your photograph he is indeed a dear old dog. I love him too.
    I love the cauliflower idea.

    1. I usually don't recommend mamy things but I really enjoyed this.

  3. Poor baby. Sending him love and prayers.

    1. Watson is doing just fine.
      He forgets a lot but we watch him.

  4. Cauliflower for rice substitute! What a wonderful idea. I'm definitely gonna try!
    Cauliflower is one of my favorite veggies. Restaurant near our house serves cauliflower soup and it's pretty good. I've heard of mashed cauliflower instead of mashed potato. Thought that sounded good ,too.
    Watson is such a handsome and sweet dug. He has really beautiful, gentle eyes :-)
    Happy Wednesday and happy April!

    1. There is a recipe that I had but lost and I am trying to find it again. It is a Cream of Cauliflower soup made with Miso and no cream.
      That just sounds so good.

  5. Replies
    1. He is an old soul, so sweet with everyone and super smart.

  6. The cauliflower looks like real rice. Since I have a food processor, I will try this. And poor, poor Watson. Give him a kiss from me and my boys.

    1. If you google it there is even a mac and cheese made with cauliflower.
      Since I don't eat (I love It) that much cheese I don't know how good it is.
      But it sounds great.

  7. Those bento boxes look delicious, we had them a lot when out and about in Japan. We missed the healthy food when we first came back but it didn't take long to slide back into old habits unfortunately.
    Watson is looking old and wise in your photos.


  8. Good news on the cauliflower rice.

    The other day, when my clock radio alarm went off, they were talking about Ringo on NPR. They were speaking of him in the past tense so I was afraid he'd died! Thank goodness, no!

    1. He has a new album out so I think that is why they were talking about my favorite Beatles.

    2. Yes, it was the new album - thank goodness.

      I'm a George and so's my wife but our daughter loves Ringo. Animal's her favorite Muppet. She seems to have a thing for drummers...

  9. Your pictures remind me of why I love all things Japanese - but especially the food.

    Dogs make the world go 'round.

  10. Oh that look all so tasteful and the wrappings so beautyful. The Cauliflower as an alternative for rice sounds great. And Watson is adorable.
    Thank you Parsnip for your reaction on my blog.
    Have a nice day,

    1. Love the way everything is wrapped so lovely.

  11. Hi Parsnip - sorry for long silence. Good to catch-up with you now. Please add a kiss from me to the top of Watson's head - and of course one for Hamish.
    I love cauliflower and will be trying your rice as it sounds delicious. xx Lily and Floss

    1. awwwww happy to see your back.
      My blog has been so wonky. So of my comments are not posting and some blogs are missing ?

  12. When I was a kid, I would eat rice with milk, cinnamon, and sugar a lot. I told my husband about it and he always ate it with butter and sugar (no milk and cinnamon). He tried it my way and loved it!

    1. I don't care of sweet things but I know many friends had rice in the morning with sugar and milk when they were young.

  13. I love your words about the old dog, though it makes me cry as I think about my beloved Dillon, who departed from me nearly 2 years ago. He too was very deaf, going blind , and I am sure he had dementia towards the end.

    1. Oh so sorry about making you cry.
      Our dogs and cats really attached themselves to our hearts .

  14. Your food photos are great, we're going out for Japanese food today. I'm not very adverturous, but I do love their hibachi meals.

  15. I love your photos of Japanese food and stuff. If I ever go to japan, I better bring three empty suitcases because I would buy everything!

    1. I always bring a suitcase filled with gifts for family and friends.
      Then I fill it back up with everything I buy to take home.

  16. Gayle, I do hope you don't mind - I have passed your lovely seeds on. I talked to the farmer who says our soil is clay and far too heavy for growing carrots, so I sent an e mail to Gill (Frugal in Derbyshire) who grows all kinds of vegetables - and lo and behold, her soil is perfect for carrots - so this morning I have posted them on to here - she will make the most of them whereas I would be lucky if they grew at all.
    Happy Easter to you and cuddles to the Square ones.