Monday, March 30, 2015

parley view parsnip. . . Monday Monday

Beginning of a new week.
 When I am not taking thehamish to his two vets appointments,
for his eyes and more liver tests.
I will be working in my garden this week. I am so late starting.
Summer is almost here in Tucson.
But I will make up time because I have some of the best helpers.

This is a garden we planted 3 years ago.

 thehamish is helping me.
yesh i thehamish is planting chkikin' strips
need to grow them now
are they ready now ?
 Watson and thehamish guarding the garden from chkikin' strips poachers.
yesh i thehamish and Watson are gud watch dugs

 Watson has a sweet tooth and he likes strawberries.
Now back to Monday.
Today we transplanted some succulents. 
I don't especially like succulents but here in the desert it is cactus in the sun 
and succulents in the shade. So I look for the ones that have some interest for me.
Either in shape, color or size.

 Kalanchoe Luciae.

 Love the pale aqua flat leaves with a blush of rose red on the edge.
The leaves look more lime green in these photos but they do have a aqua tint.

 Echeverig Medalion
 Love the burnished rose bronze leaves with the edge of bright lime/yellow.
It also picks up the rim of of the pot nicely.

 Of course here is my helper.

How can that be comfortable ?

 ummmmm i thehamish  is sleepin'
not bother me

 workin' is hard
chikin' strips gud


And here is your pretty for the start of the week.
The Century Plant is growing like crazy.

That is one huge stalk !
The Agave expels so much energy as the stalk grows so fast and then blooms
no wonder the plant dies after it blooms.

garden. . . parsnip
music. . .Monday Monday,  The Mammas & The Pappas


  1. The carrot seeds arrived this morning - they look quite exotic in their different colours. Thank you so much - the farmer says he will try them in our vegetable garden. So fingers crossed that they do well. Hope the chickin strips grow well square ones.

    1. I am planting some in a pot.
      My whole veggie garden is done in pots. To plant a garden like you have I would have to build a completely enclosed space.
      That is why I just enclosed the small side yard. My garden is mostly just for my enjoyment. Small amounts of fun veggies.
      But the tomatoes do produce enough foe me.

  2. Can't wait to see that Century plant when it blooms. Have started to organize our seeds and plot out the garden, but still have a foot or two of snow in the yard right now. It's slowing 'kinda' melting...sometimes, but not fast enough for me! Hugs to those gud dugs.

  3. Well of course, strawberries taste so very yummy!

  4. thehamish and Watson are very very gud watch dugs! Watson got sweet tooth....of course 'cause he is a sweet boy :-) Your plants are beautiful. Especially the lime/yellow edges look stunning! It almost looks like they are glowing! And I love your cute dug pot :-)
    The space alien plant is really growing like crazy! I'm sure it's trying to communicate with its buddies in the spaceship!
    P.S. I'm happy to read your daughter's kitty loves the wooden toy. That's one of my boys' favorite toys, too :-)

  5. We are going trough a raging storm at the moment. Wish I could now be in a serounding like where you live at the moment. It looks peacefull with those lovely plants an the dogs helping you out with de planting of the vegetables.
    Have a nice day.

    1. Such great helpers !
      I love when I am sweeping up and all the dirt, dust, papers bits are in a pile
      and I go to use the dust pan and here is one of The Square Ones sitting on top of it. Why ?

  6. Great photos. Can't wait to start my garden.

    1. I am so late but started some flower seeds in pots.
      Fingers crossed.
      Tomorrow the tomatoes are going in.

    2. We had snow all day yesterday. No outside for me.
      But glad to see that you are enjoying yourself.