Friday, April 3, 2015

Square Dog Friday. . . Toy Review #9

The best day of the week is here.
Square Dog Friday.
You know the drill, so lets woof it !
For some reason you can not hear the giggle sounds coming from the ball .
It really is quiet obnoxious but has gotten better since thehamish 
knocked it in the pool.  Not as loud !
thehamish is crazy about the ball. He looks for it  all the time.
I pick it up after play time.
And he doesn't want to play with the other balls.
So thehamish.
 So with further ado lets woof it.
Toy review # 9

 The Giggle Ball
 Quite big and made of firm plastic.

 want wantwantwant
 nowmineonlymine mine mine mine
memememememememe me

 i thehamish has now gots the squeaky 
mine minemine mine gud
not Watsons but mine

 thehamish is really crazy
 He is really beyond crazy for this ball.
Do not get in his way.
He will run you over to get the ball.
I am warning you.


Watson's Review

This is a great toy.

Chew. . . no chew factor.
Material. . . It is a tough plastic.
Squeak. . . It makes sounds that I can not hear.
Design. . . It is a round ball but I would like one size smaller.
It has several places where you can grab the toy to carry.
I give this toy a 9 out of 10

thehamish review
gud gudgudgud
gudgudgud gud

This toy was found at Walgreens. It is also on TV.
No chkikin' strips were given as payment for this review.

Here is your pretty for the beginning of the weekend.
A hint of summer

 For us in the Southwest,  summer is coming.
We here in Arizona are already under fire warnings.

To all my blog friends,
Have a lovely start to Spring
Happy Easter
Wesolego Alleluja
Happy Passover.

spring. . . parsnip
music. . . Right Side of the Road,  Ringo Starr


  1. ii saw this ball on tv, the boys are so adorable! yert! i'm so glad they love it, fun exercise!

    hugs, bee

    1. Watson will play some with him and the ball but mostly it is thehamish
      batting it into walls.

  2. Always good when we find a toy our pets actually like. You take the most amazing sky pics.

    1. Thank You but when you live in Tucson with the big sky all around
      all you have to do is point your camera and click.

  3. My girls would love that ball. So fun.

    1. I'd have to get two but then really, they'd fight over one.

      I love having dogs, they crack me up.

  4. I bet he's got his teeth in one of those little holes on the ball.

    1. I am surprised that the holes are just put in the right places.

  5. Wow, nine out of ten is excellent. What cuties. Oh and remarkable cloud photos. Happy Easter to you too!

  6. Happy Easter to you too Gayle and to those two dear square ones - they seem better at the moment. Tess is the same with one ball - it takes preference over all others although really it is just a little too big for her mouth. So pleased you don't mind about the seeds, I will keep you informed of their progress. They looked so delicious on the packet - I don't think we have those coloured ones here.

  7. Great fun this ball :-) Love the captures of Watson and thehamish.
    The bleu skies with the clouds look wonderful.
    Whising you happy Easter.

  8. Thehamish is looking pretty darn dapper chasing after that ball. So glad he's up and running again! And there's nothing like a good soaking in water to tone things down a bit. Yert! Hugs to the sensible and sedate Watson. Happy Easter to all. X

  9. That is such a cute video! So lovely to see thehamish in action :-) Looks like he really loves the ball, and his review is hilarious!
    Those are beautiful photos of the sky. Especially the last one, it looks glorious! Have a happy Easter weekend!!

  10. Happy Easter to you too.
    I loved seeing thehamish scooting after that ball. Now he's more real (if that makes sense). Watson didn't look very impressed with his antics :)


  11. My dog, Coco, has such a ball obsession - it is ridiculous. We have a ball with holes in it so she won't SPLASH it in our lap.

  12. Hah! The toy reviews are so much fun to watch! But then Square Dog Fridays are always fun (except when they're sick).

    Love your sky photos!

  13. Quite a ball to play with! I can see its appeal!

  14. Hope you have a wonderful weekened! What a ball that is!

  15. Hope you have a wonderful weekened! What a ball that is!