Friday, March 13, 2015

Square Dog Friday and Mock Squid Soup

Here it is the best day of the week.
Square Dog Friday !
And for today an added attraction
Mock Squid Soup Movie Review.
First :
The Square Ones.
The Square  Ones are always first no matter what.
It is in their contract. Plus I have no desire to go through arbitration again.
I always lose.

As you know thehamish has some major health problems.
The last two months being in and out of three different vets, blood test, X-rays 
and biopsies doesn't leave much time for anything else.
I had to canceled their Herbal Body Wraps.
  Can you see how overgrown they are ?
They look like they could be the first Square Dog Iditarod team.
That is a whole lot of tangled fur !
They will be at the groomers today
having their much needed Herbal Body Treatments.
Thank goodness.

For an extra "chikin" strip they have allowed me to post my movie review
for Mock Squid Soup.
Just as long as they always get top billing.
My choice for Friday's movie review is...
This movie is on my Top Ten list.
I mean just look at that photo. What a hoot !
In re-watching the movie for this review, once again
I was caught up in the excitement of Apollo 11,
the first moon landing and walk on the moon.

Now this is a quiet comedy, no Michel Bay blow-ups or space aliens.  
Just one of the biggest honking satellite dish smack dab in the middle of a 
sheep farm in the small town of Parks, Australia.
NASA had contracted to use several dishes in Australia for
tracking Apollo 11.
The Parks dish was the source of the live TV feed of the first walk 
on the moon, that was shown all over the world.
The movie focuses of the three days leading up to the space walk.
Smart, funny and witty with some great throw away lines.
The lemon one is great. 
Of course there are troubles oh my goodness one really big problem 
and several smaller quirky ones.

The movie tag line reads. . .
As Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon, our only link was a satellite dish
in rural Australia with a few bugs. (and a few hundred sheep)

The movie stars are the Satellite Dish, Sam Neil and Patrick Warburton,
as the NASA officer sent to help.  
This movie really introduced me to Patrick  Walburton
who I think is a really underrated comedic actor. 
He steals the movie for me even with a humongous satellite dish 
and a few hundred sheep.

Why I love this movie besides the fact I grew up with so much of the space race.
From rockets blowing up on launch pads, to finally the first man walking on the moon 
and now women astronauts.
The excitement of when I was young and the feeling that I could do anything. 
The world was before me.
The children and people of today just do not that that magic.
It was am exciting time to be alive.

Side Note :
My father worked for Kitt Peak National Observatory, Tucson Arizona.
He worked on one of the huge mirrors for the first telescope at Kitt Peak 
that looks into space, sun, stars and beyond.
If I wasn't an artist and was better in math I would have gone into astronomy.
The magic of the stars.
And of course just because I can here is your pretty for the weekend.

Japanese Son is in New Zealand for a few months working at his Universities
School there.  David Sensei.
Of course he found something Square Dog to send me.
And yes, he said the beer was great !
What is funny I drew a birthday card similar to this a few years ago  !
No rain but cupcakes.
space. . . parsnip
music. . . Is It Any Wonder , Keane


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  2. Even overgrown, the Square Dogs are handsome!

  3. I always anxiously await Square Dog Fridays--but these days hope for news that they're both doing better.

    New Zealand is on my bucket list, along with Australia.

    Gayle--did you have a spammer?

    1. David loves New Zealand. The University campus is very beautiful.
      I would live there if I could. What a beautiful country.
      One more series of blood test in two weeks and I think we will be ok. but three new pills.
      next week I am back for the usual post of their toy and art reviews. Plus some new performance art.
      To tell you the truth I was very exhausted this week and went for a quick post.

      I am not sure what it was but I tried to zapp it. Not sure if it worked ?

  4. I like Sam Neill and probably would love that movie. Great review and that beer poster is a classic. You should start a brewery too. You already have the spokes-models! LOL

    1. The movie is lovely. Good for a afternoon on the sofa with popcorn.
      They sorta like beer or will at lest try it but do not like scotch or whiskey

  5. I've seen that movie, years ago. It was fun!

  6. Great pictures all around. Love that your son sends you square dog stuff.

  7. I feel like I'v seen this movie, but I don't remember it. I guess that's a good enough reason to watch it. It sounds like something I would totally be into. Great post.

  8. I have always been a sucker for a small dog.

    The movie sounds great; my hubby would love it.

  9. I have always been a sucker for a small dog.

    The movie sounds great; my hubby would love it.

  10. I've gotta say, I'm intrigued by this one. Thank you for sharing!

    1. It is a fun movie to watch.
      No deep meaning beyond the one that people can dream and walk on the moon.

  11. I don't think I've seen this movie, but it does sound vaguely familiar. It sounds like one my hubby and I would like, too. My grandchildren... and even our kids... have a ho-hum attitude about space. At least, they aren't as enthralled with it as we were as kids. Remember when John Glenn went into space and circled the globe the first time? We were all glued to the TV. One of our sons lives a short drive away from Cape Canaveral, and he and his family haven't even bothered to go visit. My hubby and I watched a launch from there when we were down there visiting one time, but none of them were interested. (It was soooo cool!)

    Then again, I shouldn't be surprised. Our kids were all out on their own already when Halle Boppe was here. We had a great view of it from the street in front of our house, and every time my hubby and went out to look at it, it brought tears to me eyes. I couldn't believe it when out kids told us they never saw it. They were "too busy." (sigh) I'll bet you loved it, too. (I still have photos of it hanging in my office.

    Happy weekend!

    1. I am thinking of getting a telescope.
      The sky is usually so clear here except for the summer monsoons that it is great sky watching.
      I would be at Cape Canaveral if I could. You are so lucky.

  12. Square Dog Iditarod team?? That is hysterical! Yert!

    smiles, bee

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    2. Wouldn't it be a hoot to see all the sled dogs and then see a team of Scotties !
      I would love to just start them on the race but not really race them.

  13. Hope the square ones enjoy their herbal wraps today. What is a herbal wrap - I don't think I have ever heard of one here.

    1. Just a "ritzy" way of saying what we call when the dogs go to the groomers.
      You always hear and read of the posh spas
      So when we send The Square Ones to the groomers is it to The Spa.

  14. I enjoyed your review of The Dish! The square ones look sweet in their before herbal wraps picture. How great your son gets to work in New Zealand for a while.

  15. I have not heard of this film but I would love to see it. It sounds quirky and fun which is often what I love

  16. I've not heard of the movie, but it sounds fun! Would love to see Patrick Warburton and many many sheep :-)
    The Raindogs Brewing sign is very pretty! David sensei must be having good time in New Zealand. That's one of the places I'd love to go some day.
    I hope the Square Ones enjoyed herbal body wrap :-) Happy weekend!

  17. Of course the square dogs must come first! Always!

    Hope they enjoyed their herbal wraps!

  18. When you mentioned Patrick Warburton in it, I realized I actually had heard of it. And as always, he's reason enough to seriously consider watching.

  19. The square ones must come out very prety after the Spa I am sure.
    Have a nice sunday parsnip.

  20. As usual I love catching up on the Square Dogs. Wonderful post.

  21. Great review and intriguing cast....I like both Neil and Warburton. I remember going through a phase of appreciating quieter, funnier movies right before this came out. Perhaps I need to revisit the younger me and his interests....