Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Wednesday In Japan. . . extra stuff

Some extra fun stuff from family in Japan.
More Sake !
 Forgot this Sake One Cup that was a Birthday Gift 
from Japanese family to son.

 Such a "chibi" samurai.
Looks like Osaka Castle in the background ?

 I messed up the top when I put it back on for the photo.
 no need for an extra cup the jar is the cup.

 Not sake but an energy drink.

 Warm Sunday morning with a soft cool breeze.
I sat in the hot tub ( so good for my arthritic old bones) and looked at my view.
The clouds where building with a hint of rain.

 We were hoping for some rain.

 Just a slight bit of moisture  that  dissipated before hitting the mountains

 Just a weed growing in a crack in the brick
Before Son pulled it out. I thought it rather pretty.
Anything green growing in the desert is pretty.

and speaking of pretty. . . 
Here is your mid week pretty.

 Daughter made Chicken Adobo for Monday's dinner.
It is the  comfort food of Philippines.
Fabulous !
You know my love of any kind of pickled veggies.
This chicken was marinate over night in spices and vinegar.
Kind of like a pickled chicken ?
It is served over rice.
Daughter served it with brown rice, shredded cabbage, English cucumbers, 
green onions and parsley.
I did have a small spoonful of rice but I use shredded cabbage as a rice substitute.
This is an easy and a wonderful dinner to make.
And  very late pretty. . .
This is a card that Daughter made for me for my January Birthday.
With my favorite animal, Javelinas.
Just getting around to posting it.


javelnia. . . parsnip
music. . . Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot,  Sting


  1. Replies
    1. Some days I need to crawl into it to get my body moving.
      Thank goodness for my walker !

      cheers, parsnip

  2. That chicken dish looks absolutely scrumptious - how did you manage to keep the square ones away from it?

    1. Well, it was on the stove and they have very short legs !

  3. Cute Saki bottles. And the chicken dish looks delish.
    I wish I had a view like that from my tub - if I took the wall out I'd be gazing into my neighbours kitchen haha.


  4. Such cute sake and energy drink bottles. I love that the red one comes with a cup. Very convenient :-) Chicken Adobo looks super yummy! Very healthy with lots of veggies. I sometimes eat veggies as substitute for rice, too.

    Love the view from your hot tub. Must be very relaxing to soak in hot water looking over such beautiful scenery!