Friday, October 24, 2014

Square Dog Friday. . . sleeping

Oh My Goodness.
Where did the week go ?
But when your Little Square Black Dog everyday is Friday
Or possibly your birthday.
You sayin' i thehamish gots no more birtinghday
My Watson who is deaf and has dementia really likes to sleep on my bed.
Usually at the foot of the bed. But the second I get up he is right there to cuddle 
in with the pillows. He will make a nest and go back to sleep.
Last week after showering this is what I saw.
Pillows moved and blankets moved. He likes to nest.
awwwww my sweet baboo.
Love the paws !

Really.....  I am sleeping here.

I like the bed this way.
You can make it how ever you like baboo.

i thehamish is needin' fud 
nice tall person who feeds us 
sometimes not movin' out of the way fast i gots to eat dinner now 
i like a wild animal huntin' for my dinner nothin' standin' in my way evem
mums wheelies feet

Napping is an art form in my er... their home.
nesting Watson
napping on his blanket on my bed.

In his basket, notice his puppy chewing I kept.

Trying to sleep with thehamish

resting in the sun.

see i thehamish is gud at sleepin'


And just because I can here is you pretty to start  the weekend.

Halloween is comming !
Here is cousin Waldie in one of his outfits.
What a perfect Halloween outfit for a chocolate Dachshund 
Daughter made the costume.
What a hoot !

halloween. . . parsnip
music. . . Monster Mash,  Boris Karloff


  1. Don't they just break your heart when they are getting old, Gayle?

  2. *Yawn* Such a sweet and relaxing post Gayle. Those two boys make napping look like an art form. In fact, I think a nap should be on my "to do" list for later this afternoon. There's nothing like a couple of gud dugs to share your nest with, right? Hugs to all. X (Ps: Waldie's costume is a hoot)

  3. Those square dogs are so darn cute but the doggie Toblerone is pretty cute too. My cats won't let me dress them up. Boo Hoo.

    Stop by my blog this weekend and leave a comment. You can win a copy of the new Beethoven DVD. The dogs can watch it or you can save it for the granddaughter!

  4. Oh Watson is so sweet! He makes the bed in the way he likes :-) The second photo is showing his curly fur so nicely! And I love the photos of thehamish and Watson together. They are so adorable!
    Waldie in the costume is too cute! Wow, your daughter is very talented. I'm sure he will get lots of attention when he goes out in that costume!
    Happy Square Dog Friday! Have a great weekend!

  5. oh what cutie pies! and the costume is adorable too!

    hugs, bee


  6. Naps are a vital part of every day! We could learn a lot from the Square Ones!

  7. Oh, I do love your little square black dogs. And the wee chocolate dachshund looks really cute.


  8. Darn! A day of doctor's visits caused me to miss Square Dog Friday!

    They both look so sweet!

  9. awww thank you to all the comments. I have my best friend from Laguna Beach visiting this week so I will be late with every ones blog !

    cheers, parsnip

  10. The boys are nothing if not laid back. Who needs an electric blanket when they are around?
    Parsnip you'll have to help me. Forgive me if I am being stupid but your last comment has flummoxed me:)

  11. Yes, napping is an art form! Fantastic chocolate doggie costume!

  12. How sweet! Love the lazing in the sun!