Friday, October 10, 2014

Square Dog Friday... change of plans

Square Dog Friday ... 
Best day of the week and don't they know it !
chkikin' strips for all.
We all know the drill so lets woof it.
I had a post ready to go but nature stomped it's foot.
On Monday, Tucson had a late summer storm from a hurricane in the south. 
Lovely two days with lots of soft rain.
On the same  Monday, Japan was hit by  Typhoon Phanfone. One of the biggest storm
with a stalled front and a huge amount of rain and wind.
Trains and schools were closed and shut down.
Now on Monday the 13th Typhoon Vongfong, (Chinese for wasp) classified super typhoon
much like our category 5 hurricanes, is boring down on Japan and family.
They will be starting to see the typhoon on Sunday.
 Outstanding photo from International Space Station.
How can anything this beautiful be so destructive.

 Japan Weather
Weather track app on son's phone.

These photos are not copyrighted by me. 
It is the way my blog photos are set up.
Vonfong  is following the usual path but this time is more inland.
And very close to family.
Son, who has lived through wildfires bearing down on us as
we were zooming down the road and earthquakes galore
is really concerned this time. 
It will hit really close to Osaka. 
He is really worried about the people on Shikoku.
 thehamish and Watson not enjoying getting wet  on Monday !
 Watson is watching the weather.

 He really is watching the news.
 thehamish just wants to bite the typhoon and make it go away.

And just because I can,  here is your pretty for the weekend.
Daughter cooked last night.
Cold Soba noodles with dipping sauce, chicken and tofu meatballs with radish salad.
The dipping sauce, is from family in Japan you can just see the can. You add the chopped green onions, sesame seeds and wasabi to the dipping sauce. 
This dish is eaten during the very hot and muggy Japanese summers. So perfect !
Chicken and tofu meatballs in a sweet/sour vinegar sauce. 
The tofu makes the meatballs so light and tasty. The best way to enjoy meatballs.
It was a lovely dinner.

rain. . . parsnip
music. .  Fast Car,  Tracy Chapman


  1. Love the pics of the Square Ones!

    I've been following the typhoon coverage. Praying your family there is safe and will remain safe.

  2. It sounds very strong typhoon. I will check with my family and see how they are doing. I pray your family in Japan stays safe through it.
    Watson watching weather is looking very serious and handsome :-) I'm sure thehamish can bite the bad weather away! He is a mighty dug!
    Your dinner looks so yummy. Chicken and tofu meatballs sound really good! Now I crave some soba and meatballs :-) Happy Friday and have a lovely weekend!

    1. I wondered how your family and friends are doing too. I hope they are safe.
      Besides Osaka, family is in Tokyo and rice growers in the Valley. I can't remember the towns name. But they are all in the major path way.
      I so want more meatballs they were so good.
      Daughter is a fabulous cook. The meatballs are usually made with pork but we use chicken or turkey.
      Forget only summer, I will eat soba anytime of the year.

      Tummy rubs to your gud kitties
      cheers, parsnip

  3. wow very scary typhoon! the whole of japan looks like it's getting it badly. i remember one in okinawa in the late 60's where water came up through the floor and flooded the whole house. back then we just put masking tape in X's on the windows. we actually thought that would do some good! it didn't of course.

    hugs and yert!,

    1. I am so happy to know you were safe.
      Okinawa was hit hard last Monday and it is right in the path again !

  4. Not the kind of weather you want in that part of the world.

    Such cute Scotties though!

    1. When your on a island and engulfed in a huge storm you can only hunker down.
      They will be fine !

  5. Mother Nature is one scary chick. Yikes.

  6. We're waiting to hear from our son and his wife as well, looking at your storm watch pic it will pass close to them in Kobe. Hoping yours are all well and as you say they will just have to hunker down and ride it out.
    Enjoying the pics of The Hamish and Watson, they are so gorgeous.


  7. Our daughter is in Fukuoka on the southern island and she thinks it's mainly going to stay east of her, I'm hoping it will. When she moved to Japan I worried about earthquakes and never thought of typhoons and volcanoes. Hope your son is safe.

  8. I used to have that Tracy Chapman album--exciting music for watching Typhoon reports. I will pray for son today. Blessings. Thanks goodness no typhoons, only monsoons in Arizona.

    1. Love her voice.
      You know we have lived through so many earthquakes, floods, mudslide and wildfires, that a typhoon doesn't sound so bad.
      I know family will be safe.

  9. I guess when you live someplace like Japan, there's no real "inland" to go to during a typhoon. Let's hope this one isn't nearly as bad as they're predicting.

    Those meatballs look yummy. I've never had tofu in meatballs before; I'll bet they taste as good as they look.

    Like your square-headed boys. I'll bet they're even more adorable in person than they are in photos.

    Happy weekend!

    1. When you have warning you can deal with it. Monday is a Holiday so I think all will be fine.
      The meatballs were so good. So much of Japanese food is soft and these are much softer than the typical American meatball.
      Loved your racoon story.

  10. I hope all will be well for the family.
    Now I'm feeling hungry.

    1. I know the meatballs were so good. I am making them again.

  11. I hope your family weather's the typhoon. I was never there for a genuine typhoon but October monsoons? Yes.

  12. i've been remiss about everything lately, but when i finally saw the news about the typhoon, i thought of your family there! xoxox

    1. Love your blog today !
      They are use to all this and I know they will be fine.