Monday, October 27, 2014

Parley view parsnip... friends

Fabulous friend from California is visiting.
Armed with my trusty walker we have been out and about.
Pictures soon to follow and I will spend some time playing 
catch up with all of your blogs.
I leave you today with a Crested Saguaro. 
One in 200,000 Saguaro Cactus develops a crested top.

The day was so bright I did not get a great photo.
We are off to The Arizona Sonora Desert Museum today.
I hope to find a better crested saguaro today.

walking. . . parsnip
music. . . Manic Monday.  The Bangles


  1. Judging by our weather today parsnip, this chap would shrivel and die if it was here.

  2. Oh how nice your friend is visiting! I hope you have lots of fun together!
    The photo of crested saguaro is beautiful. It looks huge!

  3. Enjoy your time together. Great photo.

  4. Enjoy your friend's visit!

    Love the cactus....

  5. I always thought it strange that saguaro cacti don't cross into the California desert. Maybe they respect the border?

  6. I think that cactus has been cross-pollinated with a redwood!