Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Wednesday in Japan. . . phone charms

I posted sometime ago about phone charms.
And I was asked what are phone charms ?
Just a fun fad from Japan.
Old cell phones usually had a hoie on the top right side on the case.
What real reason it was here for I have np idea
but the phone charm craze in Japan was born.
Loop a small charm through the hole.
In fact in the height of the craze I remember seeing teen girls whip out their phone and they had so many charms and small stuffed animals that you couldn't see the phone.

Then the phones evolved and no space for a small hole.  The Japanese found another way to have more fun with the phones. Plugs that fit into the earphone jack.
Hello fun.
This craze is just about over in Japan but I still love it.

 I really need to straighten this up but here is some of my collection
phone charms, key rings plus some other stuff tossed in.
Oh My Goodness I am that crazy cat lady from down the street.
 I usually pick up one (or two maybe three) from most of the places I visit.
 Goodness, this is a mess.


 Tokyo Tower... Sailor Moon was there a lot !

 Tako !
On the right of the giraffe there ia a tako (octopus) eating a 
little tako One of my favorites.

 Moyasimon, Tales of Agriculture
Best manga ever.

 Astro Boy
Fabulous museum.

Moyasimon, funny TV series too.

 Hello Kitty Hanshin Tiger, my favorite Baseball team.

 Tokyo Tower, Osaka Tower and Mt. Fuji
Street food at it's best.
 Pretty soon my wall with look like this....
so much neater.

 What is so bad, is I have many of these.

 Here is one of my old phone with charms

 My phone today has a diamond ball in the earphone jack.
I have many others but that is for another post.

Here is your pretty for the day.
Or possibly a funny for mid-week

Parsnip Muffins
yert !

yum. . . parsnip
music. . . Arrietty's Song,  Cecile Corbel


  1. Well, of all the things I didn't know existed..... !!

  2. I always knew that you're charm-ing. LOL

  3. That is a gleefully chaotic collection!

  4. Wow! You have such big collection!
    I've picked couple charmers when I went to Japan. I use them as key holder :-)
    The takoyaki charm is so cute! Did you like the food? I LOVE takoyaki!

  5. Hi, I love your collection. I have only one charm myself and haven't worked out how to attach it my phone as yet.
    I've just found your blog and am enjoying your posts, your wee black dogs are gorgeous.
    I hope you'll come over for a visit sometime.


  6. Lovely to be back and my favourite posting day from you.....the crazy charm lady down the road! They're just great. I love the Parsnip Muffins drawing! x

  7. Daughter and I just went through this post. We are playing Japanese erasers this morning and she looooooooves your phone charm collection, Gayle!