Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wednesday In Japan, Osaka Tower

Osaka, Japan
One of my favorite cities.
Tokyo is beautiful very cosmopolitan but rather correct alpha+world city.
While Osaka is more down to earth super friendly, fun, exciting urban city.
Osaka is known for "good eating" and the saying "kuidaore" or eat till you drop was made up to describe Osakan's love of good food and I would add fun !
Of the many towers in cities all over Japan, I love the Osaka Tower the best.

But if I moved to Japan even with my love of Osaka, I would live in Mitaka.
I love this beautiful city but the draw for me it is the home of the Ghibli Museum.
Totoro forever !
Even though I would miss the Hanshin Tigers Baseball team.

View of Osaka Tower
Very famous for the neon lights, one side has advertisements and on the other side is public service announcements

Fugu, literally name river pig or blowfish signs

I have to keep myself from ripping down one of these signs
and smuggeling it on the plane probably just steps ahead of the police.

Takoyaki stand, yes please

Street view with great signage.

Underneath the Osaka Tower.
It has a tiny but the best Takoyaki stand.
Takoyaki is a ball shaped snack made of batter and filled with a piece of tako (octopus)
Comes on is paper dish with a toothpick for eating,
covered in Bonito (tuna) flakes and green onions.
Perfect street food.


Here is your pretty for Wednesday
One of my favorite street views of the Osaka Tower.

tako. . . parsnip
music. . . Follow Bliss,  John Hackett/Moodi Drury

Thank to Daughter and Japanese son for these fabulous photos.

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  1. So stylish Parsnip and so different from our Western style. I just love these posts of yours! Thank you!

    1. I enjoy making the Japanese post. Glad you like them.

  2. Must confess, I don't know Osaka at all - only ever saw it from the train. I grew to love the Tokyo vibe but it was certainly exhausting.

    1. I alway think of Tokyo Being more button down and proper where Osaka it more fun

  3. I'm not familiar with Japan at all, except for anime, which I don't like--but seeing your posts makes me want to visit!

    1. I enjoy anime or some anime but I really like Japan

  4. Replies
    1. I am planing a tower post. There is one that looks like Cloud City from Star Wars

  5. I've never been. Looks as crowded as Paris and NYC, though.

    1. The Tower is in Old Osaka and some of the streets are for walking or super tiny delivery trucks.
      Plus this was a holiday in Japan so much more people were out and about. When I was there it was a early fall day less people.

  6. hee hee...
    We were doing fine 'til you wrote that they use octopus in the Takoyaki...
    («Louis» can't stomach seafood - ESPECIALLY octopus...)

  7. What an awesome experience it must be to walk down that street! Yes, I love the blowfish signs too and the turtle in the last image. :)

  8. I'm sure Takoyaki is an acquired taste. Hugs to Hamisch and Watson.

  9. So different from some of our grimy old towns