Saturday, August 28, 2010

This post is for The Weaver of Grass

The Weaver Of Grass has had several post lately on the chickens on her
Beautiful photos of her Chickens.
One of my favorite books is " Still Life With Chickens "

I thought it funny when this showed up in my mail... More chickens !

I would love to have chickens and the coyotes would love it too !

Some Tucson Arizona Chicken facts...

You can have chickens in the City of Tucson but no roosters.
The Food Conspiracy Of Tucson will hold the third City Chicken Coop
Tour in the late Fall
Raising Chickens has surged in popularity.
In some Tucson neighborhoods, the backyard chicken coop is replacing
the backyard swimming pool.
Chicken are related to dinosaurs.
There are 400 million chickens in the United States.
Average life span of a chicken is 5 to 7 years and they can live up to
20 years.
A chickens heart beats 280-315 times a minute.
Alektorophobia is the fear of chickens.

wanting . . . parsnip
music. . . / = / = / , Andrew Bird
I love the name of this album. . . The Mysterious Production Of Eggs


  1. A wonderful post here Angry both yours and Weaver's. In Australia we call chickens, chooks. We too love our chickens.

    In primary school my youngest daughter once took home the chicken that had been hatched in her class. It grew exponentially, a kilo a day until my husband's sister who raises chickens on a farm remarked that the breed of chicken the class had hatched inadvertently had been one genetically mortified to eat non-stop in order to get fat for the market.

    This poor chook, grew so fast that soon it could not stand on its feet.

    It's times like this I hate human engineering.

    My sister took the chook to her farm - a better home we convinced our then six year old daughter - and dealt with it humanely.

  2. What a fun post. Haven't thought much about chickens. Now I will.

  3. I agree, very fun post. I am not a fan of chickens because they seem to think the world is their toliet. I want them to go potty in one place and leave the rest of the world alone.

  4. At least two of my fellow bloggers have them and they seem to give them lots of pleasure and work.

  5. parsnip thanks for the cool stuff about chickens. Oh its been a while since I seen one. I grew up with chickens, it was always fun, but no fun when chased by the rooster, lol. Anna :)

  6. I now know more about chickens than I ever thought I would! Love Andrew Bird, and Still Life with Chickens is on my must read list after you quoted the opening line a little while ago.

  7. Interesting post. I'm fascinated with the book title and shall go look it up. Chickens are becoming urbanly trendy here in Victoria too. A friend has a coop in her back yard with the name "Cirque de Poulet" painted on the front.

  8. Elisabeth...
    That was a sad story, I know some engineering is helpful with making stronger grains but the chicken is very disturbing.

    I really never knew that much about Chickens either...
    but as in all things once you read more about anything the more you get interested.

    Love your statement ! I laughed and said here is a person who has lived with chicken !
    I think that is why I would (especially in Coyote country) keep them in a penned off yard.

    I would never at this time in my life get anything with that much work.
    Just keeping up with "The Boys" is hard enough, unless I lived on a farm like Weaver.

    I have heard roosters are a huge pain ! Too loud for me.

    I also know more about chickens than I ever thought I would.
    The book was read at a time when I was on a parallel life run as the author. Her "book life" was more fun that mine but I got to laugh at our shared predicament. Chickens or Scotties about the same.
    It is a small book, easy light reading not "War and Peace" but I liked it.
    The vending machine line is perfect... I am still trying to figure how to work that statement into my repertoire.

  9. Joanna...
    The title and first cover art, drew me in, then the story line.
    With the children I have had all kinds of pets, even a very small and quite charming snake. My youngest son use to sit and read with the snake curled up in and around his hand. They both seemed to enjoy it, who knew ?
    The book is a quick and easy read. Sometimes you read a book at a time in your life when you "Need" it or it speaks to you.... this one made me laugh at a bad time in my life.