Thursday, August 12, 2010

Moment Of Zen

I have been finishing up some work related business for the last two weeks.
The blog has been on hold while paper work is finished.

So here is a Moment of Zen to help us all laugh and learn how to make one of my favorite street food.

tasty. . . parsnip
music. . . Loopy Loopy, Sky


  1. A joy to watch.
    I love the 'Long green onyons.'

  2. I am pretty sure I wouldn't eat anything with octopus in it but I liked the cook. She did a great job with those little sticks.

  3. That was great. And, really well translated.

    @Carole... octopus is really good. A bit chewy at times, but in a takoyaki the bits are very small and it doesn't matter. Squid can be trying at times however. When you see real pros at it making takoyaki it's even faster!

  4. Oh and good job on your YouTube embedding skill.

  5. Wow! She does that really well. I just wanted to did they keep the dog on the counter for so long?

  6. Pat...
    Love the accent and from now on it is only "long green onyons " at my house !

    As David said, it is only a small piece of octopus and you would love it. We make it with the sauce on top and bonito flakes.
    Octopus can be tough but in this dish it is just yummy. The vendors cooking this dish are so fast and it is made and consumed in a second !
    Tasty Love !

    Thanks but it is because of Molly's teaching me in PERSON !

    You get them in a small paper dish with the toothpick... walk away food !

    Isn't he cute !
    If you watch more shows he gets super excited when she cooks with fish and keeps looking at her and then the food !
    Poodles will do any thing for a "Good boy" I think ?