Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mothers Day Cards from Japan

Great cards from Japan.

The Duck card from my Lovely Daughter In Law is a accordion fold out.
Pink and red card with black kitty is cut paper and from my son.

The homemade postcard is a Sake label, If you have read this blog
before you know how much I love Japanese labels.
My son collects and makes postcards from them to send to me. Love them !

What makes this post card so sweet and very funny is . . .
my son didn't really read the label and his intelligent, lovely wife
and expectant mum to be,
pointed out the name of Sake is " Hatsumago "
or " First Grandchild " in English. How very appropriate is that ? ? ?

So forget what the Calendar says and just love your Mum every day !
and everyone else too...

The Third part of my "The Good The Bad and The Very Very Sad"
( Goodness I loved Lee Van Cleef !)

has been put on hold for a few days for added input . . .
get your hankies out . . . tears will flow !

mumzilla . . . parsnip
music . . . Bitter Sweet Memories, Blue Merle


  1. They are so attractive. Artistic talent must be in their genes. I'll brace myself for the very very sad.

  2. I love that you can send the perfect message without actually knowing that you have done so!

    I won't wear mascara for the next few days in anticipation of 'the very very sad.'

  3. Parsnip how nice this is. I been making my own digital greeting cards for a while now. Nothing like getting something really personal. Thanks for sharing the nice Japanese art. Anna :)

  4. Pat...
    My children are so very artistic, beyond what I could ever do.
    The sad will probably only be sad for me....

    I thank you for your kind words.... I am not sure what I wrote but glad I didn't say anything too weird.
    It is very sad for me but i hope I haven't hyped it too much. You can tell I am not a writer !

    Anna ...
    I have seen your cards... Fabulous.
    I am so old school... and I like the feeling of my pen or brush on paper.