Sunday, May 9, 2010

Quail nest ...

Quail nest ..., originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

Quail nest I found, in the small fenced in side yard between my studio
and the Citrus grove.

Ten beautiful tiny eggs that will hatch and become the most charming,
funny and all around cutest baby birds ever !
The babies follow in an undulating line behind the Mum as the Dad
One baby will always get side tracked, run every which way and
finally get back in the line !
So very funny, just like watching a live cartoon.

Driving down neighborhood streets is a challenge.

Now the house painters will have to wait till the babies hatch and can
leave the nest !

charmed . . . parsnip
music . . . Bye Bye Baby, The Commitments


  1. How wonderful, I wait with bated breath for a picture of the hatchings.

  2. Earl ...
    I hope I will be able to snap some photos without disturbing the family.

  3. It must be quite moving to see them through from in utero - as it were - to going for a walk with Mum:)