Thursday, April 29, 2010

Now the Bad !

Now the Bad !, originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

Now the Bad,

See this sweet little bush? yes, it will get a trimming this weekend
but all in all a nice green little bush. Well it is not ! This is a
Lizard Disneyland.
Now that it is Spring every lizard who lives within 10 miles comes to
visit. Over the stucco wall they come scampering around the bottom,
laughing ( you ask do lizards laugh ? yes ! I say they do and they also leave popcorn everywhere too ! ) as they run up and down the woody stem. Happy as clams ? I guess it the lizards answer to Disneyland...
Well ...
Let me tell you Lizards are really dumb ! they climb over the screen
( 21/2 feet high to keep out the snakes ) and then forget where and
how to climb out.

As you know I have two Scottie. These dogs live to chase anything that
runs on the earth ! They also want to protect me from any invading
menace . They doubled teamed a coyote already but that is another
story for another day.

So every Spring they live to chase the lizards that are invading their
yard, the Lizards who forget how to return the way they came. Instead
they run back and forth in front of the screen ... can we guess what is
coming ?
Lizard parts everywhere and this where my table is ! Little legs,
tails and various body parts laying in the hot sun.
Do we know who has to go out to clean up the mess ...

I will admit that you have not lived till you see Hamish eyes
shinning, hopping with all four feet together while holding a Lizard
in his mouth with wiggling tail hanging out one side of his mouth.
Small pleasures.

oh no ! ... parsnip
music ... Made To Run, Blue Merle


  1. I always thought lizards were the good guys but I can see your problem.
    Naughty doggies!

  2. Pat ...
    Now when I let them out they just rush to the bush to check to see how many lizards they can catch.

    Eryl ..
    Oh you don't know how bad it can be !

  3. So what it is about this bush that the lizards love? Ah well. we had an avocado orchard and there were huge avocado rats. they were the size of an avocado! The cats did the same. Rat parts everywhere!

  4. I can't find your email address so I shall be writing by snail mail to thank you and tell you how thrilled I am. I shall treasure both.xoxox