Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Shadows, originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

I love shadows and in Tucson we have such strong sunlight that make
terrific shadows.
This shadow reminds me of the famous Charles Rennie Mackintosh flower.

This is a Sundial that my Japanese son bought at an art auction, for
me, where all the pieces were made from bike parts.
Many of the artist belonged to the Bike Club Of Tucson, they also have
an art class that teaches you how to do this !
I really think this is a fabulous art piece !

Japanese son left his crazy bike lamp with me, so on my next trip to
Japan I am going to see if I can stuff in in some luggage
and try to pass through baggage screenings.

Oh Lord Protect Me !

If you hear of some rucks at the Los Angles Airport in a few
months . . . ummmmm that could be me . . . throwing myself on the
mercy of the LA Airport police . . .

" It is a lamp REALLY ! let me put it back together and plug it
in . . . see it is a crazy bike lamp . . . Really ! "

hopeful . . . parsnip
music . . . Back In The High Life Again Again, Steve Winwood


  1. Good luck with that dear;)

  2. The sun dial is splendid. And I echo Pat's sentiments!

  3. Somethings are better off left in the USA. ;D

  4. David ...
    So I get the crazy lamp ! yea... that means more things for the baby to stuff in my luggage ! I would think I could get through the screening now !

  5. Yea, totally keep that lamp in the states. It wouldn't work on the electrical system here.