Friday, April 2, 2010

Lemon Tree

Lemon Tree, originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

One of the reasons my garden and home smells so lovely this time of
the year.
Tangelo, Valencia Orange, Lemon, White and Pink Grapefruit... my
garden in filled with sweet scents.

The one thing I am missing are the Bees, I have some but not as many
as the last few years. Each year less and less Bees. I am quite
They like the Rosemary Bushes and all my Cactus plants in the front
yard but they haven't started to bloom yet the so I hope to see more
bees soon.

I plan to do some research on making my land more Bee friendly but if
they are dying in other area how bad is the impact here ? I don't
know how or if my garden is affected and not sure how I can help but
it is worth a try, no ? I love hear the soft murmur of the Bee's even
though I am very allergic to the sting.
Wish I knew more, internet here I come...

overwhelmed. . . parsnip
music . . . If I Could, Blue Merle
I am wearing this CD out. . .


  1. I'd love to ;have those citrus fragrances in my garden..
    We have a shrub the bees love. It's prickly and has a bright orange blossom. I'll try to find out the name.

  2. I too would love to have those fragrances, and the blossom is beautiful. The bees around here seem to love lavender and snap dragons.

  3. Bees love loud disco music. You must play the BeeGees at high volumes during the hours of 1am to 5am when bees are in mood to dance. Also leaving a little dish of powdered sugar--commonly known among apiologists as the bee equivalent of cocaine--to help get them in the mood. The hard working life of a bee requires that they also party hard.

  4. Pat...
    When I first moved here I had so many Bee...

    My yard smells so lovely, it is almost overpowering.

    WOW ! Thanks for all the help... you are such a great son !
    BeeGees at 1 am life is good... must try soon !