Monday, April 5, 2010

Quail Invasion...

Quail Invasion..., originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

Circle the wagons it is a Quail Invasion...

Quail are everywhere this year and my yard is overrun by them !
Since I really adore the crazy little birds this normally doesn't
bother me but this spring they are so cheeky !
They walk along the top of my fence and walls, walk by the pool, walk
along the very tiny window sill and look in my windows and they walk
up to my doors and knock. They are walking everywhere !

In coveys of up to 20 birds they walk in " straight " lines following
the leader. They split up for spring and summer but will regroup for
winter. Soon there will be little balls of fluff following after Mum
and Dad.

This young female has been visiting me several days now she walks back
and forth balancing on an impossible tiny window ledge. I think she is
in love with her reflection or thinks there is another rather cute
Quail luring her into a leafy bower of luv !
All day long I hear the males calling , sounds like an car engine
trying to start on a winter morning.

The Gamble's Quail has the unique plum on the top of their cute little

careful ... parsnip
music ... Hit The Ground Running ... Doves


  1. You could always eat some of them!

  2. Eryl ...
    I never eat anything that is really cute, can smile back at me and doesn't come already wrapped in cellophane...
    I don't mind ripping veggie out of the garden though.

  3. My comment has vanished. Just that Eryl's comment made me quail at the thought:)

  4. Pat...

    I never know what is truly going on with my computer... sorry about vanishing comments.
    I thought Eryl's comment was a hoot.
    I have eaten Quail but when you see how really cute they are it is hard to eat them !