Tuesday, February 23, 2010

cloud drawing

cloud drawing, originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

The clouds around Tucson have been so fabulous. I just had to grab my
small sketchbook ( that was made by talented daughter ) and draw.
Lately I have had plenty of roadblocks in my way . . . but I said what
the heck and whipped out my pencils and you know what for around 30
minutes or so I felt better and it was fun.
Daughter participated in a month long project that was produce a piece
of art a day... no matter what it was you had to do something art
related everyday... that got me thinking why not me too ? Forget all
the everyday problems/roadblocks and draw.
So yesterday I drew !

happy . . . parsnip
music . . . The Sheltering Sky, Ryuichi Sakamoto


  1. How I envy you your talent, I'd love to be able to draw. The cloud is fantastic. Great project too. Will you draw every day from now on?

  2. Eryl
    awww, Thanks I envy your ability to write !
    not sure if I will draw everyday but I want to do something "art" everyday... today I was down with a migraine but I completed a small cartoon so I think for 30 days I shall try.
    Your fabulous card came. . . I love paper pop-up cards ! so very charming.

  3. Yes it does help if you have some talent - which you have. I'm sure its therapeutic.

  4. So gorgeous! I love all that detail in those clouds! I've never been able to make pencil look so good :) I can't wait to see more.

  5. Pat. . .
    Thank You, I sure when you write you get lost in your own world, except when your doing the re-write, then I am sure it is a pain.

    Molly. . .
    awwwww thanks, it was great fun !